10 Kinds of Vegetables to Help Burn Fat

10 Kinds of Vegetables to Help Burn Fat
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Changes in lifestyle that are all practical and instant indeed facilitate your various activities. But without realizing it, all of these conveniences also present new problems. Among them is the increasing body weight and an increasingly bloated stomach due to lack of physical activity and the flood of fast food and junk food.

Indonesian Health Research even revealed that obesity or obesity in Indonesia tends to increase every year. You certainly don't want to have fat that builds up in your stomach or sags on your arms and thighs. To overcome this, exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet needs to be done.

Professor Kuo Chin Huang, President of the Asean Oceania Association for the Study of Obesity (AOASO) explained that regular consumption of fruits and vegetables can help prevent obesity. Fruits and vegetables can accelerate fat burning without adding a lot of calories.

Among them, there are 10 best vegetables to help burn the following body fat:

1. Broccoli
Broccoli is one of the best vegetables to overcome excess fat. Low calories but rich in fiber make broccoli able to fill you longer. This fiber can remove bile acids from the body and reduce cholesterol. The high content of Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) also fights xenoestrogens and burns fat faster, and prevents it from returning to our bodies.

Broccoli also contains vitamin A, vitamin B6, and riboflavin which helps stimulate the metabolic process so that calorie burning increases. These vitamins and fiber also help facilitate digestion, prevent constipation, and reduce blood sugar levels which can lead to obesity. Broccoli

2. Spinach
Spinach and other green leafy vegetables such as kale are rich in iron, zinc, and magnesium. This type of vegetable also contains lots of vitamins A and K which help blood circulation in the body and increase metabolism so that you are consumed by those who want to burn body fat.

The number of calories in spinach is also low, only about 23 calories per 100 grams, with high fiber to help control hunger. Spinach also contains calcium which helps contract your muscles.

3. Nuts
Long beans and other nuts are known to be one of the most effective fat-burning vegetables. This is because legumes are rich in fiber and protein, but have low calories. The flour in nuts is digested by the body slowly so that you feel full longer.

Nuts can also control blood sugar levels. As is well known, high sugar levels are one of the main factors causing overweight and obesity. Nuts are also one of the foods with a low glycemic index.

4. Asparagus
Asparagus contains folate in high concentrations that can fight insulin resistance in the body. When insulin sensitivity increases, the body is able to convert blood sugar into energy and increase the burning of visceral fat. Asparagus also has diuretic properties that can remove excess fluid from the body. The excess of this liquid if not removed can cause bloating and bloating in the stomach.

5. Carrot
Carrots contain high amounts of beta carotene which helps increase metabolism and burn fat faster. Carrots are also rich in fiber, half of which is a calcium-soluble fiber that can reduce cholesterol levels by binding and removing bile acids from collapse. Carrots also include low glycemic index vegetables, so they do not cause large changes in blood glucose levels when consumed.

6. Sweet potato
Easy to find in Indonesia, maybe not many people know that sweet potatoes are very beneficial for those who want to burn fat. Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium, dietary fiber, and water which makes you feel full quickly. The calories they contain are quite low, around 100 calories per serving.

It tastes sweet naturally making sweet potatoes do not need extra sugar. Sweet potatoes actually contain compounds that can increase adiponectin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar.

7. Chili
Although known as an appetite enhancer in Indonesia, chili turns out to be a vegetable that can help burn fat in the body. This is because the chili contains capsaicin, a spicy flavoring compound in chili. This compound is thermogenic which can increase body temperature so that the burning of calories and fat increases.

Jong Won Yun, a biotechnology expert from Daegu University, Korea, reported that capsaicin can reduce calories, deplete fat tissue, and reduce blood fat levels. Research conducted by the University of California also shows that chili consumption can help increase the body's metabolism and burn fat.

8. Bit
Beets are rich in nitrates which help regulate blood circulation and facilitate the digestive process. Beets can also increase the body's metabolism and prevent fat from accumulating in unwanted areas of the body. These purple tubers are also diuretics that are capable of removing excess fluid in the body.

Beets also contain special iron which functions to cleanse corpucscles, blood cells that store fat. There is also a chlorine content that helps stimulate lymph nodes to remove excess fat.

9. Bean
Beans and other legumes help maintain your body shape with abundant phytonutrients, magnesium and potassium in it. Beans can increase metabolism and burn fat faster. Beans are also a source of antioxidants that help remove toxins from the body.

Its folate content can fight insulin resistance. While the zinc minerals help increase the production of leptin, a hormone that functions to remind the brain when the stomach feels full.

10. Kale
Kale contains vitamins K, C, and various other minerals that keep the body healthy. Kale also has high I3C which functions against xenoestrogens, foreign estrogens that can disrupt the body's hormones and cause accumulation of abdominal fat. High fiber in kale also helps satisfy hunger without adding a lot of calories to your body.

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