10 of These Fruits and Vegetables May Not Be In Juice

10 of These Fruits and Vegetables May Not Be In Juice
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Fruit juice is indeed one drink that is often consumed. Even fruit juice is a favorite drink for some people. Many types of fruits are good for juice. Be it mangoes, strawberries, citrus fruits and so on.

Not only fruit, vegetables can also be made as juice. However, not all of these fruits and vegetables are presented in the form of juice. There are several fruits and vegetables which are actually better not made juice. The fruits and vegetables include

1. Broccoli Vegetables

Broccoli vegetables contain enough vitamin C. So this vegetable basically has abundant properties for the body. So why isn't broccoli consumed as a juice? following the explanation

Broccoli is a fruit that is difficult to digest by the body, besides this vegetable also has the potential to cause gas and make the stomach become bloated. That is why vegetables are not recommended for juice. Especially for those who have digestive health problems. When this has already happened, then know more about how to deal with digestive structures in the human body.

2. Whole apple fruit

This fruit not only contains vitamin C, but it also contains vitamin A which is good for maintaining health. There are several reasons why this whole apple should not be made juice is because whole apples still contain seeds in apples. also read the impact of the habit of eating apples

Apple seeds contain amygdalin which can make the body poisoned and disrupt the digestive system. For this reason, if you want to make apples for juice, it is better to cut them first and remove the apple seeds.

3. Avocado Fruit

Avocados are very tasty, especially fruit juices. But know that this avocado is one of the fruits that cannot be used as fruit juice. However, this avocado fruit can be used as a smooty food, almost like fruit juice.

A strong reason why avocado juice is better used as a smooty food / drink is that the avocado juice is not lost. With the process of using bender it is better than using a juicer. Because using a juicer can make the juice in this fruit juice disappear.

To still be able to enjoy the benefits of avocados, you can read how to eat avocados correctly. So that the vitamins contained in this fruit do not disappear.

4. Coconut

Indeed coconut to be used as coconut milk is often diblander, this is what makes coconut should not or is not recommended for making juice. Because it can't. When we buy coconut which is not coconut, we can eat it, but only coconut water can be taken.

That means that by coconut shelling we cannot observe the benefits of coconut meat. Coconut balm or water can provide benefits for the body. But too much consumption of coconut water can cause danger of coconut water for health.

5. Vegetable Kale

Kale is a green leafy vegetable, which doesn't know kale, this kale is almost similar to spinach. Kale contains vitamin A and also Vitamin C which is good for the body. But Vegetable Kale is not good for those who have a risk of kidney stones,

6. Pineapple Fruit

Pineapple fruit is one of the fruits that grows in the tropical season, this fruit is rich in fiber and vitamins when consumed directly. But this one fruit if made juice will leave a lot of sugar than the benefits that will be obtained.

For that to feel the benefits of pineapple, you better consume it directly, because it will be able to give a better effect than making pineapple in the form of juice.

7. Pears

Apart from pineapple, fruit which is also rich in benefits and is well consumed directly is pears. This one fruit is a fruit that has a lot of water content. Not only water but this fruit contains quite a lot of fructose or fruit sugar.

If the fruit is in juice, the sugar content will break, so that more sugar in the fruit will be absorbed by the body than the vitamins and minerals in the body.

8. Orange

Consuming too much orange can cause digestion to become an irritant, so don't consume it too much if you have a sensitivity to sour taste.

9. Lemon

Neither the orange or the lemon will be good if it is made with juice. Better to be consumed directly or made wedang. Because this is safer than having to be made into a Juice drink.

10. Banana Fruit

Bananas are fruits that have a yellow color when they are ripe, but basically these bananas have many benefits for the health of the body. Bananas that are consumed directly will be more easily absorbed than the bananas consumed with juice. The benefits of changing bananas are basically very much.

Those are some fruits and vegetables that you should not use to make juices. every sub discussion was given a reason why no juice should be made. This certainly can be an insight for you so as not to make the fruits and vegetables above as juice.

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