10 Simple Activities to Get Rid of Stress

10 Simple Activities to Get Rid of Stress
InfoHealthyLife.Com - In times like this, many people experience stress. Life pressure can come from anywhere: work, family, economic conditions, and many others. Feeling stressed or depressed can have many adverse effects on life, more than you can imagine.

Depressed conditions not only cause anxiety, but can also cause a variety of more chronic conditions such as depression, cardiovascular disorders, reducing productivity, and quality of life in general. Knowing ways to reduce pressure can improve your mental state when you feel stressed.

There are many ways to reduce stress and relax, but some are more effective than others. Some simple activities can help you deal with and reduce stress, for example by doing the following stress relief activities:

1. Reading
Reading is proven effective for reducing your stress. A study revealed that reading can relieve stress by 68%. This is because reading will shift your focus, and immediately make your mind calmer and relaxed.
Read your favorite magazine, novel or book. If you don't look for light reading: a fashion magazine or a light novel, your favorite.
After that, maybe you will be able to manage stress and see the problems that hit you in a different way with a cooler head.

2. Listening to Music
Listening to music has many positive effects on the body and health. Associated with stress, the right music can lower blood pressure, make the body relax, and calm the mind. The music you hear can be anything to your taste, as long as you can sing and enjoy the song.

Let yourself dissolve with the music you hear and you will feel the effect on your mood and mind. No wonder why today many treatments use music therapy as part of the procedure.

3. Warm Water Bath
Warm baths are also one of the fun ways to deal with stress. Why? Because this activity will calm the psychological state and make the nerves and tissues in the body more relaxed.

4. Cleaning Rooms / Houses
Whatever the shape, dirty and messy is an unpleasant thing, and makes the mind more stressful. If so, cleaning and tidying up the room or home should at least solve your two problems: dirty / messy and stressed.

Activities such as sweeping, arranging furniture and personal objects, even pacing in the room when cleaning will divert your mind for a moment, especially when you enjoy and dissolve in repetitive activities while sweeping and mopping. Simple, but can reduce your stress gradually. And when it's finished, you will be more satisfied looking at a cleaner and neater room.

5. Cuddle
Don't underestimate the power of interactions and relationships between humans, including in matters of reducing stress. Hugs are proven to provide stimulation to the body to release more anti-stress chemical hormones in the body. Soft touch and pressure in the form of a warm hug will make the body relax immediately.

6. Embroidering
Repeated rhythms that occur when embroidering will shift focus and lift your stress. Let the expression of your creativity flow out during embroidering so that you feel your mind more refreshed. Enjoy your work with a satisfied smile when your embroidery is made.

7. Eat Chocolate
We all like chocolate. In matters of reducing stress, chocolate can also help you overcome it. You need dopamine and serotonin to feel better, and chocolate will give it to you. However, the sugar content in chocolate may not be good for you in the long run. But if it is consumed occasionally when you are feeling stressful, of course it's okay to do it.

8. Respiratory Technique
Deep breathing is a very easy stress reliever that also provides many benefits to the body, including lai supplying ’oxygen to the blood, which will arouse brain cells, calm the nerves of the body and mind. Breathing techniques or exercises can be done anywhere and will work quickly so it will reduce your stress instantly.

The trick is easy: stand or sit in a relaxed position, take a deep breath slowly through the nose, then exhale - also slowly - through the mouth. You may want to repeat it several times until you feel really calm and relaxed.

9. Interacting with the Family
Feeling the love that comes from your family will make you smile happily. Stress will disappear when you play with children, see grandchildren smiling, chatting casually with their wives or parents, eating together and many others.

When you feel that there is nothing better than being in the family, at that moment the mind calms down, motivation will increase, the body's immune system will increase, and you will see problems and stress in different ways.

10. Playing with Pets
If you are an animal lover or have pets such as cats, rabbits or dogs, you can use them to calm your mind. Simple activities such as caressing a cat, walking leisurely with a dog in the afternoon, or feeding a rabbit, can reduce blood pressure and increase body immunity. "Loving pets" activity is a weapon to fight your stress.

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