6 This Low-Calorie Snack Is Worth Trying When Dieting

6 This Low-Calorie Snack Is Worth Trying When Dieting
InfoHealthyLife.Com - If you want to lose weight or at least keep your weight stable by eating 6-7 times a day (the method of eating a little but often), then you need to eat snacks or snacks that are really right. Here is a list of recommendations for low-calorie snacks that are certainly delicious but not easy to make fat.

1. Tuna Sandwich

Are not sandwiches included in foods that are often considered healthy even though they can also make weight gain? Depends on what kind of sandwich you eat, because sandwiches from whole wheat bread containing tuna fish without mayonnaise additions are a fiber-rich snack with just 150 calories.

2. Popcorn

Who would have thought that popcorn used as a snack when watching was also a healthy snack and even low calorie snack. Popcorn per dish usually contains 5 grams of fiber and there is not even a trans fat content so it is safe to enjoy without having to worry about increasing weight.

As long as you know the limits of consumption, popcorn is basically safe for health, especially weight, especially if you choose to eat popcorn with low fat mini packaging. In a bowl of popcorn it is known that there are only 31 calories, with the note that you do not add cheese or butter sauce to keep it good for the stability of body weight.

3. Boiled eggs

Another snack which is one of the foods that contain high protein is boiled eggs. Per item, the calorie content is not up to 80 calories. So if you feel hungry and want to enjoy savory snacks, tasty and safe for weight, 2 boiled eggs at the same time no problem.

Also make sure to eat boiled eggs and when you eat them, you will get the effect of feeling full and long-lasting. High protein nutrition in it is also ready to make muscle mass increase or at least be well preserved. Eating boiled eggs is also an effective way to burn body fat so it is worth trying.

4. Apples and Peanut Butter

The impact of apple eating habits is no longer to be denied that all of this is good for your health, including because of the fact that apples are fruits with low calories and high in fiber. Taking it by dipping an apple slice into peanut butter is a healthy way to snack on it.

The combination of both is very good because peanut butter itself is rich in unsaturated fats and protein, so it's definitely safe for those of you who are on a diet. Simply provide a medium sized apple and a spoonful of peanut butter to eat. Total calories won't even be more than 150 calories, so why not?

5. Strawberries and Black Chocolate

One more low-calorie snack and guaranteed good and healthy, strawberries are eaten by dipping it first into melted dark chocolate. You can melt black or dark chocolate as much as 1 ounce in a container. Take clean strawberries to dip before enjoying; the calories are no more than 150 calories so it's worth trying.

6. Vegetables and Yogurt

There are certain types of vegetables that can be made into delicious snacks by dipping them first into low-fat yogurt without flavor / plain yogurt. Be it peppers, broccoli, or even celery, these vegetables are the right kind of vegetables that will be delicious if eaten with yogurt, please try it.

For those of you who are looking for snacks no more than 150 calories, then there is no harm in some of these recommendations immediately tried at home. Even though calorie levels are low, you need to keep the portions so that you don't eat too much, because excessive consumption can certainly increase your risk of gaining weight.

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