7 Foods This is High Protein Breakfast

7 Foods This is High Protein Breakfast
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Eating foods that contain high carbohydrates as a breakfast menu is a really bad idea even though many people are accustomed to eating rice or bread in the morning. In order for energy to increase and the feeling of fullness that lasts for a long time, then foods with high protein below are worth a try.

1. Oatmeal

One healthy breakfast is to enjoy oatmeal in the morning, and more recommended for those who want to get high protein intake. As a mixture, you can also choose eggs, protein powder and peanut butter so the body can still get sugar. Red peppers and eggs can also be good combinations for oatmeal.

2. Quinoa

As an alternative to oatmeal, there is quinoa which is also good for health and can be used as a high-protein breakfast menu. Just half a cup of quinoa contains 12 grams of protein, so why not? Give toppings in the form of soy milk, whole grains or nuts according to taste; cooking is also quite fast so it is recommended.

3. Omelette

Omelette or omelet can also be a breakfast menu that will meet the body's need for protein. In addition to the right ones, grains or nuts can be the best choice. But if you want, tofu, meat and cheese is also a perfect addition to enjoying omelets in the morning.

4. Boiled Eggs and Avocados

For a full breakfast of protein, boiled eggs that have been cut into a bowl or plate plus slices of avocado can also be used. 2 boiled eggs cooked and 1/2 avocado can be a low-fat high-protein breakfast which is also good for the diet. Add a little grated cheese if desired, or a spoonful of chili sauce along with a spoonful of chopped parsley.

5. Greek Yogurt

There is a content of 12-17 grams of protein in a cup of yogurt, so it's not wrong if you want a high-protein breakfast that is also good as a healthy diet tips. Add fruit to increase fiber intake as well as natural flavor enhancers, as well as extra protein from preferred seeds.

7. Pancakes

Foods packed with other proteins are pancakes made from ingredients such as egg white, flaxseed and protein powder. As a topping, usually berries are the best, but bananas are also suitable, just choose according to taste and ready to be enjoyed.

8. Smoothies

For fans of smoothies, make sure to make protein-rich smoothies, ranging from protein powders, peanut butter, and Greek yogurt blended into one. A smoothie breakfast is best consumed when you want to go outdoors and travel a lot because the ingredients add to the non-playful energy.

Protein intake is far better at breakfast than carbohydrates because it provides a sense of satiety long enough so that we will not be easily tempted to snack a lot before lunch time. To be better prepared for the day, hopefully the full breakfast protein recommendations can help.

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