7 These Foods Can Harm Your Intestine

7 These Foods Can Harm Your Intestine
InfoHealthyLife.Com - At present there are many types of food that keep popping up, keeping up with the times and creating various appetizing menus. However, before deciding to eat it, it's good to pay attention to the composition and nutritional value of the food, including how it is processed. Because, if only from eating according to taste, it could be that the food is harmful to your intestinal health. Then what are the foods?

1. Canned Food

There are many chemicals added to each food cans that can last long and have a delicious taste. However, behind the delicacy and practicality, canned food can make the intestines experience health problems such as inflammation, polyps and colon cancer if consumed frequently.

2. Fried

The oil used for frying and is used repeatedly is very high in cholesterol and bad fats which are difficult for the intestine to digest. If you often consume fried foods, the intestines will easily experience inflammation, also dirty due to fats sticking to the intestine so that it can cause intestinal function is impaired.

3. Injectable Meat

In this day and age it is difficult to get meat that is pure from livestock which is managed by itself. Most meat sold, especially chicken, is now produced by injecting hormones so that in just a few months it has grown large and is ready to be cut. It's best to avoid eating meat and try to consume fresh fish.

4. Burned Foods

Foods that are processed by roasting or burning tend to contain carbon that is carcinogenic. If you consume it often, it can cause intestinal poisoning and difficulty digesting food. This can cause the intestine susceptible to cancer because of the carcinogen substance.

5. Instant Food

All forms of food that can be served instantly or in the form of packaging contain a lot of preservatives, flavor enhancers and dyes that are very dangerous if they enter the body. These chemicals can irritate the intestines so that inflammation and metabolic disorders occur.

6. Offal

Like the food inside or the innards? The food turned out to be unsafe because there were so many toxic substances in it that could endanger intestinal health. Moreover, innards can increase cholesterol levels in the blood, increase blood pressure and interfere with heart function so it is better to avoid these foods before they are affected.

7. Foods that are too spicy

Spicy foods can indeed increase a person's appetite, but don't consume too spicy because it can make intestinal inflammation worse. Spicy taste will injure the intestinal wall so that the metabolic process and absorption of nutrients from food become disturbed.

You could say food that is harmful to the intestine as above has a delicious taste so we are always tempted to eat it. However, remember that health is very expensive so it is better to avoid it so that intestinal health can be maintained.

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