8 Benefits of Bananas for health

8 Benefits of Bananas for health
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Banana fruit is a fruit that is easily found in Indonesia, and even a variety of bananas make bananas much favored by some people.

This fruit has an authentic taste. besides that bananas have vitamins that are quite useful for maintaining health including:
  •     Pottasium
  •     Vitamin K
  •     Vitamin A
  •     Vitamin C
  •     Fiber
  •     And many others
With the content most of which are the ingredients needed by the body, especially for health

for more details, on this occasion I will discuss the benefits of bananas for health and beauty. As for the benefits of bananas for health and beauty are as follows

1. Increase energy

bananas can be used to add energy intake. this fruit is also enriched with iron so it is very effective to overcome the problem of lack of energy

the many types of bananas make us have to be smart in choosing the fruit. Because not all bananas can be consumed especially for people who suffer from stomach acid.

2. Adding electricity

This fruit is also believed to be able to overcome diarrhea because it nods electrically which is needed by the body. a person who experiences diarrhea will usually run out of electricity. So bananas are needed to provide additional eclectic

3. As an antacid

This fruit is also good for treating gastric diseases. antacids are one of the drugs that are often used to treat stomach acid. The causes of stomach acid are aware of the variety so that how to deal with it also varies according to the causes of stomach acid.

4. Removing toxins in the body

A healthy body is a body that has healthy intestines. basically a healthy intestine will be obtained if the food we consume is also healthy and the detoxification in the body does not falter

5. Increase Passion

Passion can be increased by stimulating the bromelanin hormone. These bananas have enzymes that can stimulate hormones that can trigger arousal to be higher. This banana fruit is also believed to be good for increasing male stamina during lovemaking.

Male stamina when making love is most needed, not even men need it. If men and women have high stamina, the lovemaking process will be better.

6. Smoothing Facial Skin

Banana fruit is a fruit for health and beauty, because this fruit is not only beneficial for health, but also effective in making skin beautiful. Banana fruit is often used to make herbal medicines or herbal masks to protect the skin. The benefits of banana masks include rejuvenating the skin, making skin brighter and radiant and reducing black spots on the skin.

7. Overcoming acne

In addition to smoothing facial skin, the benefits of bananas can be used to treat acne. Acne on the face can occur because of the large number of bacteria or dust and dirt that enters the pores of the face so that the pores cannot function properly and cause acne.

8. Reducing black spots on the face

Black spots or acne scars can occur. to overcome them, use the benefits of bananas so that the black spots on the face are reduced and do not admire you look beautiful.

that's the benefits of bananas that you can get. Banana fruit is indeed a very good fruit for health and beauty. Even this fruit is very easy to find and various kinds. Take advantage of bananas so that your body is healthy and your skin becomes a teenager again.

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