8 Complaints of Headaches in These Children Need to Be Aware

8 Complaints of Headaches in These Children Need to Be Aware
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Children often have headaches, maybe parents just think it's because they are not feeling well, are flu symptoms, lack of food or because of lack of sleep and stress on school activities. In fact, headaches are not merely about lack of eating and drinking or lack of sleep or symptoms of a cold. The following are complaints of headaches in children that parents must be aware of.

1. Headache and Vomiting

There is intracranial pressure or pressure in the brain when a child has frequent headaches but is also followed by vomiting without diarrhea. If the child complains of frequent dizziness and is always after vomiting but not diarrhea or fever, try to immediately take it to the doctor for a check-up.

2 Headaches do not subside despite lying down

When a child complains of headaches and we ask him to lie down and sleep but even more dizziness becomes worse, as soon as you need to take your child to the doctor for examination. It is feared that dizziness that does not improve even after lying down indicates an increased pressure on the brain.

3. Headaches Repeated Up To A Week More Than 2 Times

The parents must pay attention to the condition of their child, especially if the child complains of headaches constantly and many times. If this condition occurs more than 2 times even within a week to hinder your baby's routine, immediately see a doctor and consult.

4. Headaches Make Children Often Awakened

When a child often wakes up from sleep because of a headache, of course this condition should not be underestimated because the pain must be very great. There is a possibility that this type of headache is a symptom of a dangerous disease so it must be treated by a doctor immediately.

5. The headache gets worse when sneezing, coughing, and massaging the head

Does the child complain more if he sneezes, coughs, or when he tries to massage his head? Headaches that actually get worse when things happen, you don't delay to take him to the doctor because it could be the beginning of a serious illness.

6. Headache Plus Neck Pain and Fever

Ask the child to tilt his head to look at the ceiling, then look down to put his chin to his chest, continue by telling him to shake his head back and forth. If he can still do it, then there is a possibility that the headache is not so severe; but when he cannot, there is a possibility of meningitis causing it so that it needs to be immediately taken to the ER.

7. Headaches affect their activities and behavior

Pay attention to the child carefully, if there is a behavior when the headache or something abnormal happens to him. If the way to talk, how to walk, until the other activities until disturbed, immediately go to the doctor to consult in detail.

8. Increasingly Severe Headache Even After Taking Medication

Maybe you have given the child headache remedies or at least pain relief, even to the doctor and given medication. But there are some cases where the headache of the child is getting worse just after taking medicine with added blurred vision and limp body. If so, immediately consult your doctor again.

Take it to the doctor before any other more severe symptoms will accompany. The doctor will do a thorough examination, then after finding the cause, then the doctor can provide treatment that is tailored to the trigger.

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