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9 Good Fruits For Urinary Tract Stay Healthy

9 Good Fruits For Urinary Tract Stay Healthy
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Urinary tract or urinary tract infection, also called UTI, is a condition when our urinary tract is infected with bacteria. Another term for this condition is cystitis, which can cause discomfort where the symptoms can generally be:
  •     Painful groin.
  •     Low back pain.
  •     Low back pain.
  •     Pain when urinating.
  •     Diarrhea
  •     Nausea
  •     Gag
  •     The body shivered in the cold.
  •     Fever
  •     Lower abdomen experiences pain.
  •     The bladder feels full even though urination is done regularly.
  •     Urination cannot be detained.
  •     Increased frequency of urination.
  •     Limp body.
  •     Hematuria or urine that is mixed with blood.
  •     Urine smells pungent.
  •     Pain in the pelvis.
Symptoms complained by one sufferer with other patients will vary where this depends also on the type of urinary tract infection that is experienced, whether it is upper UTI or lower UTI. However, there are a number of good fruits for the urinary tract, which are maintained well, which you can consume regularly as below.

1. Wine

Grapes are one type of fresh fruit that is highly recommended for those of you who want to improve the health of the urinary tract. Wine is rich in antioxidants so that all forms of health problems in the area, especially inflammation can be reduced risk. Even the vitamin content can be a way to increase endurance.

Diuretic, grapes are the right fruit to prevent infection and inflammation in the urinary tract because of its large vitamin content. If you like grapes and are interested in nourishing the urinary tract through consumption of this fruit, make sure you choose red grapes.

2. Pineapple

Pineapple is a fruit that is also highly recommended for those of you who are at risk for urinary tract disorders or want to prevent all diseases related to the urinary tract. There is a good enzyme content in pineapple which is useful in reducing the potential for bladder inflammation. Even for those of you who already suffer from inflammation, the recovery time will be faster by consuming pineapple.

You can eat ripe pineapple by peeling the skin, chopping and eating it directly. But if you like the fresher ones, processing pineapple into a juice drink is also fine. It's just that, not too much consumption of pineapple so as not to cause side effects of pineapple for your health.

3. Papaya

Besides being a good fruit for the intestines, papaya is also a fruit that you can consume every day to fight all kinds of bacteria that can attack the urinary system. Remember that papaya is also one of the fruits that contain high vitamin C and offers rich antioxidants.

This one fruit has a high acidity level so it is believed to be able to make bacteria that cause infection can be eliminated naturally. You can peel this fruit and eat it directly, or make the fresh papaya juice you drink regularly. You will also get other benefits, such as avoiding digestive disorders such as constipation.

4. Cranberry

You can count on this type of berry to prevent problems in the urinary tract. This is because the acidity of urine can increase when you consume cranberry regularly. That way, all types of bacteria that can cause infections will be effectively resisted and eliminated because the good content of cranberries will eradicate them.

When urinary tract infections often occur because of bacteria that accumulate and even stick to the urinary wall, cranberries will be able to remove it from the body. Drink fresh cranberry juice or immediately enjoy the fruit for the health of the urinary tract and make it not susceptible to virulence, the bacteria that triggers infection.

5. Pear

This high-water fruit is like an apple right? But pears are known to have chlorogenic acid content which is ready to prevent bacteria from developing in the urinary tract. Per day, you can consume only 1 pear, either eaten or made juice and drunk so that the urinary tract disorders, infections and other problems can be avoided naturally.

6. Blueberries

In blueberries there is a content of proanthocyanidins which is also effective in preventing bacteria from nesting in the urethra. Even this one berry offers high antioxidants that are ready to increase the body's resistance so that the urinary tract remains healthy and protected from bacterial diseases.

7. Orange and Lemon

Other sources of high vitamin C are oranges and lemons, both of which are not only able to cope with signs of urinary tract infection but also prevent and reduce the risk of bacteria infecting the urinary tract. Ascorbic acid in both fruits can reduce urine acid levels so that the urinary tract is maintained.

8. Guava

Besides being a fruit for canker sores, guava can also be consumed for the health of your urinary tract. Foods that contain high levels of vitamin C are also as beneficial as oranges and lemons. Therefore, make sure to consume it regularly so that the development of bacteria can be inhibited properly.

9. Tomato

This fruit which also belongs to the vegetable group can also be consumed directly or made as a juice to prevent various types of urinary tract disorders. Because the content of vitamin C in tomatoes is also high, you can automatically rely on it so the chances of getting a UTI are also much smaller.

That's a list of good fruits for the urinary tract for you to consume every day or regularly so that the urinary tract stays healthy and the bacteria that cause infection can be resisted. Besides eating fresh fruits, make sure you have a healthy lifestyle and also diligently maintain the cleanliness of the bladder area.

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