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10 Diet Debm Guidelines for Ideal Body Weight

10 Diet Debm Guidelines for Ideal Body Weight
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Who doesn't want to have an ideal body weight? of course everyone wants the ideal weight and body, because then you will become more confident and besides avoid the danger of obesity or diseases caused by obesity or being overweight.

The causes of obesity are many factors. And the existence of obesity is the reason why people go on a diet. In addition, in the millennial era, such as today, ideal body weight is a priority, so people will do a variety of ways to diet fast, thin or how to reduce weight quickly to achieve the ideal weight and body.

Unfortunately many also do instant methods which of course can harm the body such as taking slimming medicine, even though the danger of taking slimming drugs for the body is very dangerous. Therefore at the time of the diet it is necessary for us to choose or select what type of diet is good for us.

Because basically this diet guide is very important to adhere to, the diet guide covers what needs to be done when the obesity diet program takes place and what foods are recommended and what foods should be avoided. For example, on a low-fat diet, on a low-fat diet guide we are encouraged to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables and avoid foods that contain fat.

In contrast to the diet Debm guide, we are actually encouraged to consume foods that are high in fat content and also protein and reduce or avoid foods containing carbohydrates and also sugar or glucose.

Debm Diet Guide

When doing a Debm diet, you are certainly obliged to comply with all the rules and guidelines, in order to achieve your goals, namely body weight and also the ideal body. Because this is as a way of effective diet and how to diet properly by adhering to all the guidelines. And here are some Debm diet guidelines:

      1. Changing the composition of food consumed

When doing a Debm diet, you need to slightly change the composition of the food when you consume a food. So you are recommended to consume protein foods first and then other foods. As recommended to consume chicken or fish or daing first when eating, only then can you consume vegetables. This is so that you can feel full longer.

      2. Limiting carbohydrate consumption

When you go on a Debm diet, you are required to limit your carbohydrate consumption. As found in rice, noodles, pasta, flour - flour, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava and other carbohydrate-containing foods.

      3. Avoid sugar

Sugar is something you should avoid when you are on a Debm diet. Even when you cook, you are not allowed to add sugar or soy sauce to your cooking. This is because sugar is believed to make your diet lose weight. Therefore, for those of you who want to make your diet safe, stay away from sugar.

      4. Breakfast

It should be noted, that when you go on this Debm diet you are advised to always have breakfast and it is not recommended to skip your breakfast time. This is because breakfast is very important for the success of your diet.

      5. Replacement food

When you go on a Debm diet, you are not advised to consume carbohydrates like those found in rice, and with that, you can replace them with various kinds of vegetables such as beans, carrots, leaf vegetables, turnips, and avocados.

      6. Breakfast

Breakfast diet Debm is a breakfast menu that is recommended to consume high-fat and high-protein menus. This is so that you get an energy source for your daily activities.

      7. Lunch

And at lunch you are encouraged to consume foods high in protein, fat and foods containing fiber.

      8. It is not recommended to eat above 6pm

It is not recommended to eat above 6 pm, this is so that the fat in your body can be completely burned by the body. As for when you feel hungry, you can consume agar without sugar.

      9. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water is also recommended when you are on a Debm diet. Because by consuming water, it will help your digestive process smooth and ultimately help the body in the process of removing excess fat.

     10. Steer clear of alcoholic beverages

As we know, alcoholic beverages can even damage tissues in your body and brain. In addition, alcoholic beverages also contain a fairly high sugar content, which is a taboo on the Debm diet. Therefore, it is not recommended to consume alcohol.

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