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10 Natural Ways to Fatten the Most Effective and Safe Body

10 Natural Ways to Fatten the Most Effective and Safe Body
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Besides being obese, being too thin is also not good for health. Too thin can cause osteoporosis, the body's immune system is weak so you are more susceptible to infection. Therefore it is very important to maintain an ideal body weight, not fat and not thin. Many causes can not be fat that you might experience so even though you eat a lot of weight you remain stable.

Increasing weight does not mean you can eat carelessly in large quantities without paying attention to nutrition. Remember that you have to get fat but stay healthy. So you can gain weight but stay healthy, here are some steps to Natural Fattening which can be done easily:

1. More Calorie Consumption

Every day the body always burns calories. The key to fattening weight is to give the body more calorie intake than what is burned. First you must first calculate the calorie intake needed.

Learn how to calculate food calories for a diet first, then make sure how many calories you need based on your body's condition. To gain weight, consume 300 to 500 more calories than what is burned by the body. Calories can be obtained from rice, but you can get many alternative foods to fill in addition to rice to gain weight.

2. Balance Calories with Protein

Even though it helps you gain weight, too many calories in the body will only end up being fat which is certainly not good for health. For that, balance the consumption of calories by adding protein because most of the muscle in the body is formed by protein. By consuming protein the body can change additional carbohydrate intake into muscle, not fat.

But be careful in consuming protein because the nature of the protein is filling. That is, you may not want to eat carbohydrates anymore so that weight is difficult to increase. Be sure to pay attention to the amount consumed so that they are balanced. Apart from proteins such as meat, fish, eggs and nuts, there are many other muscle-enhancing food choices that you can try.

3. Drink milk

In order to gain weight quickly, choose pure milk, not milk powder or skim milk. Pure milk has 10 times more calories than milk powder. In addition, the content of vitamins and nutrients is even greater because it does not undergo the process of changing forms from liquid to milk.

If you are allergic to lactose, try almond milk because the benefits of almond milk for the diet are also quite a lot. Be sure to drink as needed, because almond milk can suppress hunger, which might inhibit the process of gaining weight.

4. Add Peanut Butter

Breakfast in the morning with peanut butter can be a good start to fattening. Peanut butter contains quite high calories but still provides an intake of various nutrients such as folic acid and vitamins. Besides bread, you can choose other complex carbohydrate sources for the breakfast menu.

5. Use Butter for Cooking

Not only peanut butter, bread baked with butter can also help increase your calorie intake. Butter not only serves as a calorie enhancer but also adds flavor to the bread for your breakfast. However, butter contains saturated fat which if consumed too much can endanger health, so don't use it too often for cooking.

6. Add Cheese to the Cuisine Menu

Cheese contains fat that is high enough to be effective enough to gain weight. Eating cheese will certainly be very filling because the taste is delicious and delicious. What's more, there are now many types of cheese that can be mixed into cooking or snacks.

7. Avoid Running Sports

After you have successfully added a few kilograms of weight, do not waste that hard effort by running. This one sport can easily burn calories in your body. For a while you can try other types of sports.

8. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep can make the body tired and lethargic which results in reduced calories in the body. Be sure to get enough sleep every night to keep your body healthy and fit.

9. Eat more often

If you usually eat three times a day, try to eat five times a day but in small portions. Eating more often with smaller portions is fairly effective for gaining weight. You can also eat snacks between meals such as smoothies or nuts because the calorie content is quite high.

10. Stop Smoking

This bad habit turns out to have an effect on body weight. Smokers tend to be more difficult to gain weight than those who don't smoke. Quitting smoking will not harm you in any way. In addition to the ideal body weight, the body becomes healthier and avoids various dangerous diseases.

There are many natural ways to fatten your body. Avoid taking supplements that might be detrimental to health. If you really need it, you can try the weight-boosting shakes sold on the market, but naturally natural food products such as cow's milk are far better.

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