10 Ways to Make Women Feel Orgasm Many Times

10 Ways to Make Women Feel Orgasm Many Times
InfoHealthyLife.Com - During this time we know women as a party that is very difficult to get orgasm in sex. Unlike men, women are not always satisfied when making love. However, women's ability to get orgasms many times is far greater than men. After orgasm, women can be stimulated many times and orgasm again.

In men, multiple orgasms can occur. However, they should try it after resting for at least 15 minutes. Well, women can immediately have sex again without rest.

Although women can orgasm many times, getting it once is still difficult. Therefore, men are advised to do the following things.
How to make women orgasm many times

There are several ways that can be done by men so that women orgasm many times.

1. Give more attention to women first

Give more attention to women first. Don't focus on yourself like breaking down to get satisfaction. If a woman has had an orgasm at least once, then you start thinking about self-enjoyment. If you do the opposite, women will have difficulty orgasm even if only once.

2. Using sex aids

Use sex aids to help women get their satisfaction. You can use a vibrator or similar device. Oh yes, even if you use sex aids, you don't need to feel inferior or feel bad. The sex you give and get will still be great.

3. Do bad talk often

Some women may not like talking that is too naughty. However, chat with the aim of tempting to be close to his partner can still be done well. This naughty chat can also be the starting gate for foreplay so that women are interested in sex so that when they get into bed, foreplay will not be done too long.

4. Do what women like

Do what women like. When penetrating or stimulating a woman's body, recognize her mood changes and expression. Sometimes they feel more enjoying sex than before. Observe and repeat what makes a woman feel satisfied. If you can do it, they will get an orgasm faster and possibly many times.

5. The clitoris is the key

The clitoris is an important part of female genitalia that must be explored and stimulated. This section contains a lot of nerves so that even the smallest stimulus can provide great pleasure. Men can stimulate partners in the clitoral area by hand or oral sex.

6. Use a lot of lubricant

Use a lot of lubricant during sex. The lubricant will reduce the pain that occurs during penetration. So, regardless of whether the foreplay is intense or not, always use lubricants.

Lubricants used for sex should use water-based ingredients. Why should it be made from water? Because it is easily removed and has little side effects to the vagina. If you use oil lubricant there is a possibility of an itching and irritation.

7. Master oral sex techniques

Master the oral sex technique first if you want to give satisfaction. Men must know how to give satisfaction to their partner by only capitalizing their lips and tongue.

8. Perform intense foreplay

Perform intense foreplay. Don't just just kiss and just hug foreplay can be done by exploring various places in the body. Make sure to get to know your partner's body so that giving orgasm to your partner is not a dream.

9. Give freedom to control sex

Occasionally give your partner the freedom to control sex. This freedom can be given to women when having sex with certain positions. For example having sex with the style of woman on top. Or if women have sexual fantasies can be realized.

10. Don't lower the tempo of stimulation

If you find a partner orgasm, do not reduce the tempo of penetration and stimulation. Let him groan and continue to get stimulation. In this condition women will find it easier to get orgasms many times. So always pay attention to what happens to your partner to get the right moment to continue attacking.

No less important than orgasm

It cannot be denied that sex does provide satisfaction. That's why couples always hunt for satisfaction and orgasm. Even though there is something more important than orgasm, here is more.
  • Good communication with your partner. Communication is a crucial issue that cannot be ignored. Moreover, couples both work and rarely have conversations. Intense sex not only produces orgasm, but closeness.
  • Being a selfless person. If men only think of themselves and orgasms are obtained, women will not get it. Meanwhile, if men also think about partner pleasure, the chances of getting a climax together will be great.
  • Get to know your partner's body parts. During this time we only know if you want to give pleasure, attack the genitals and chest. Though there are many excitatory points in the body of men and women that can be utilized properly.
  • Knowing the sexual desires or fantasies of a partner. Although he has been married for a long time, not everyone wants to be open with his partner. Finally, the desire that is possessed becomes hidden and cannot be realized.
  • Can be honest with one another. Women will not lie with the condition of orgasm experienced. Men can also be honest if they have not been able to satisfy their partners. Nevertheless they both can try to realize that together.

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