10 Ways to Take Care of Good and Easy Eyes

10 Ways to Take Care of Good and Easy Eyes
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Eyes are the window of the world. This short sentence is right, because through our eyes we can see, understand, know and there are many more things. But we need to consider also the health of our eyes. Not only the body can feel tired or tired, care and how to maintain eye health is needed so that the eyes are not easily tired.
Importance of Eye Health

Eye care is very necessary. How to maintain eye health must be understood and practiced by every good person who has eye problems as well as those who only care for eye health.

Of the many activities, we always use our eyes. Then special care needs to be done. Many ways to treat your eyes properly. But the most important thing is to make our eyes take a break from the routine. Resting here does not mean when we are sleeping.

Let us imagine, every time we work long hours in front of a computer, or watch television, read books, and many other activities. We don't realize how hard our eyes have worked.

The eye is the most important part of the five senses. Even though you have enough time not to watch television, not read books or not linger in front of a computer, your eyes still need rest.
How to Maintain Eye Health

The following are various efforts to maintain eye health so that it is always healthy and does not worsen a person's ability to see someone who has had myopic.

1. Take care of the eyes by avoiding too close to the object

The first way to maintain eye health is not to get too close when watching television, playing games or reading books. Watching widescreen TV is indeed more fun, but it's not healthier especially for the eyes of children. Children who often watch TV are too close, their eyes are very risky when they grow up. Safe distance to watch TV around 2 meters for a 14 inch TV. For a wider screen automatically the distance is further.

We recommend using a small screen TV for family entertainment. This also applies when children play games, PlayStation or others. Likewise with reading habits, do not position too closely, this can make the eyes become tense and tired. Use enough information when reading, and should not read when lying down.

2. How to take good care of your eyes is to reduce the use of gadgets

Don't use the computer, television or play games for too long. If your work does use a computer all day, try to routinely rest away from the computer screen, for example every 30 minutes or one hour, relax or take a short walk for 5 or 10 minutes. So that the eyes do not dry out, often blinking and occasionally turn your eyes out into the room.

How to treat your eyes can use a LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor on your computer, the use of LCD screens tends to be more comfortable and does not get tired quickly for the eyes compared to using a cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor. High refresh rate settings on your monitor.

Watching TV for too long can make the eyes tense and tired, besides the radiation emitted from the TV screen can be bad for the eyes. Children who are accustomed to watching TV and playing console games are more likely to be at greater risk of experiencing minus eyes.

3. Avoid rubbing your eyes roughly

Do not rub your eyes roughly and excessively to maintain the health of your eyes. When your eyes feel itchy or have a foreign object, you will automatically rub it or rub it. Do this carefully, don't be too rude and excessive.

4. Wear glasses and dust deterrents

When you move outdoors, for example on a highway or in a factory area, you should use eye protection such as glasses and a helmet that has a mirror. Avoid dust that enters the eye because it can make the eyes become infected and make the eyes experience vision problems.

Using glasses is not just for style, but is beneficial for eye health by counteracting ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV light is one of the main causes of lens hardening, cataracts and decreased vision due to interference in the center of the retina.

The use of glasses with dark lenses can filter UV light up to 100 percent when outdoors. If there are no glasses, you can also use a hat to reduce exposure to UV light.

5. Sufficient Vitamin A intake

Eating foods that contain lots of vitamin A. Your eyes need to be taken care of, including eating nutritious foods and containing lots of vitamin A. Carrots, avocados, tomatoes and papaya are excellent fruits and vegetables to maintain your eye health. Carrots contain beta carotene compounds, which are carotenoids that can help keep the eyes healthy. This compound can also be found in pumpkin.

6. Eat green vegetables

Doing eye care well and naturally is eating vegetables that have dark green leaves such as spinach, broccoli or other vegetables containing lutein and zeaxanthin, which are two types of carotenoids that are known to reduce the risk of developing cataracts and decreased vision due to interference in the central retina. Try to consume two servings a day, for example, one serving of spinach at lunch and one serving of broccoli at dinner.

7. Sufficient antioxidant intake

Efforts to maintain eye health are the next to consume antioxidants. Foods such as berries, oranges, plums and cherries can help minimize damage caused by free radicals (such as from UV light and pollution), and reduce the risk of lens hardening that can trigger cataracts. So, consume at least two servings of antioxidant foods a day.

8. Eating omega-3 fatty acids

Tips for maintaining eye health can also consume foods that contain omega-3. Evidence shows that omega-3 fatty acids from certain fish such as salmon, halibut and tuna can protect the tear ducts, protect the lens, minimize dry eyes and prevent cataracts. Consume 2-3 servings of fish a week and reduce red meat, because it is thought to increase the risk of eye disorders in old age.

9. Take a multivitamin for eye care

The next eye care tips consider taking a multivitamin. If it is really needed, there are currently also many supplements available that are useful for maintaining eye health. The National Eye Institute shows that antioxidant vitamins C and E, vitamins B6 and B12, beta carotene and copper and zinc minerals can slow the development of decreased vision due to disturbances in the center of the retina and cataracts.

10. Control blood sugar to cholesterol levels

Control your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels is an effort to maintain eye health that you can do. Keeping your blood glucose levels, blood pressure and cholesterol low can help keep your eyes and whole body healthy.

Those are tips for maintaining eye health that you can practice in your daily life, Healthy Friends. Good luck!

If you have undergone several ways to maintain eye health above, but your eye health is still the same or the situation is getting worse, immediately check your eye condition with the doctor, to get the right treatment

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