15 Infused Water Recipes for Tasty and Easy to Make Detox

15 Infused Water Recipes for Tasty and Easy to Make Detox
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Detox is one of the diet methods that is now the trend of the age which is much favored by the community, especially women. The natural way to detox your body to go on a diet can be supported by applying what life style you do everyday, and choosing what foods and drinks you will consume, as well as what life styles you apply daily.

One effort made to apply the natural detox method is to consume healthy drinks. Now, one of the health drinks that acts as a detox and is being consumed by many people today is a way to diet with infused water. Moreover, young people today are very familiar with these millions of benefits.

Yes! Besides being fresh, infused water is also useful in the detoxification process, maintaining body fitness, nourishing your organs, to reduce your weight. Why can infused water lose weight? The reason is because infused water does not contain calories at all, but has many vitamins from fruits that are used as raw material for infused water.

Unfortunately, the wrong recipe can make your infused water produce an unpleasant bitter taste. Therefore, special tricks are needed to try to make recipes for infused water for detox and diet. You can try some fresh and delicious infused water recipes at home. Curious what are the recipes? Look carefully at the explanation below!

1. Pineapple, Lemon and Mint

Who doesn't know lemons? Lemon is a fruit that is famous for its properties in losing weight or plays a very important role in the diet process. The first way to make an infused water that you can try is to mix lemon with pineapple and mint leaves. First, cut one lemon in several parts, as well as pineapple.

Next, put the pieces along with a few mint leaves into a 800 mL jar of water. Leave the infused water in the refrigerator for almost 6 hours so you can drink it the next day. You can take this infused water in the morning before eating and drinking, and after waking up.

2. Lemon and Lavender

Well, is lavender made a drink? What is not wrong? You know that lavender is a flower that is famous for its fragrance that can repel insects like mosquitoes. Well, the second recipe this time is made with lavender drinks. Eits, but wait a minute. The part of the lavender to be infused water is the flower part. Cut the lemon prepared beforehand in several parts. Also cut the lavender flowers in several pieces. Prepare water in a 800 mL jar. put both in water. Add ways to diet honey to improve its taste. Don't forget to keep it in the refrigerator for about four to six hours.

3. Lemon, Cucumber, Lime and Mint

Prepare the fruits that are needed. For example, one orange, 1 cucumber and two lime. How to make it is to prepare water and fruits. Pour water into the 800 mL jar. Then slice thin lemon, cucumber and lime and five or more mint leaves. Put everything in the jar and infused water lemon, cucumber and lemon juice. You just put the jar with the infused water into the refrigerator. Let stand for approximately 4 to 6 hours. You can also leave it overnight for drinking the next day.

4. Watermelon and Basil

Watermelon is known as a fruit for a fresh diet and has a lot of water content. Therefore, this fruit is also very suitable for use as a base for making infused water. The way to make it is first, the watermelon is cut in several parts. Likewise, the basil leaves are torn in such a way. Prepare water in a certain sized jar. The amount of water is tailored to your taste. Next, put the fresh watermelon slices and tear the basil leaves into the water. Store in the refrigerator at least four or six hours.

5. Oranges and Blueberries

Two fruits such as oranges and blueberries are fruit pairs that are very suitable to be used as infused water. In addition to sweet taste, the infused water you will make based on the mixture of the two fruits will also be fresher.

The method is the same as the previous recipe, which is to wash and cut into pieces the blueberries and oranges that have been prepared beforehand. Then put in the water that is already in the jar. Let stand for several hours for example up to six hours. After that, you can enjoy the benefits of infused water for a homemade diet.

6. Apple and Cinnamon

Apples contain many vitamins, minerals and elements that play an important role as a natural diet method to quickly lose weight, and detoxification. These elements include fiber, baron, fitokimian and tartar acid. Meanwhile, cinnamon itself is famous in lowering bad cholesterol, suppressing appetite, to speed up the body's metabolic processes, which of course is very necessary in the process of decreasing the body. Combining both for infused water is very prospective because the properties to be obtained are also important: detoxification while losing weight.

How to diet with fruits with this one infused water recipe is very easy. First, first cut one apple into several parts. Likewise with cinnamon sticks that have been prepared beforehand. Put the pieces all into a jar containing 800 mL of water. Let all the mixture stand for 4 to 6 hours in the refrigerator. Infused water is also ready to be enjoyed.

If you want to drink it the next day or for a long time, then keep the infused water in the refrigerator overnight or as long as you can according to when you will drink it.

7. Blackberry and Mint

Blackberry has important properties that increase your immune system. Therefore, making blackberry as an infused water is the right step so that your body gets high detoxification benefits. The flavonoids in the blackberry fruit become more "out" after being cut into pieces and put into clear water.

The addition of mint leaves makes the mixture fresher and certainly sweeter because of the blackberries that have been added before. You can leave it in the refrigerator so that when you drink it, the finished infused water becomes fresher. Very delicious for your fast daily diet.

8. Strawberry, Kiwi and Cucumber

Prepare one cucumber, ten strawberries and one kiwi fruit. Wash all milk until clean. Cut into pieces according to your taste of all the fruits. Prepare a jar that is already filled with water. Insert the pieces into a jar and store for four to six hours. Infused water strawberry, kiwi and cucumber are ready to be enjoyed.

9. Pear and Vanilla

This infused water recipe for detox is truly unique. For those of you who rarely consume pear fruit, then it's time to try this fruit to be used as raw material for infused water along with vanilla. The substance in pear fruit is very important for the detoxification process and increases your immune system.

The method is still the same, which is mixing pieces of pear and vanilla fruit into the clear water placed in the jar. Let stand for several hours. You can store this vanilla infused water pear in the refrigerator if you intend to consume it for a long time.

10. Strawberry and Jalapeno

Does anyone know what jalapeno is? This fruit is spicy like chili but contains many substances that are beneficial for detoxification and weight loss. The combination with sweet strawberry will be very balanced when mixed and made into infused water. In addition to removing pimples and detox, this one infused water can also relieve flu symptoms that begin to stubborn.

Therefore, prepare strawberry and jalapeno like the previous recipes. Insert and store in a fairly large jar or bottle and let stand for up to six hours. Infused water can be immediately enjoyed as an effective type of diet. However, if you intend to drink it the next day, it can be stored in the refrigerator overnight.

11. Raspberry and Orange

Well, this one infused water you must like. How come?! Raspberry sweetness mixed with oranges which are sometimes sour and certainly fresh, can make an infused water recipe for this one to be your excellent infused water. The content of vitamin C in oranges and raspberries is loaded with antioxidants which play an important role in preventing skin aging, detoxification, fighting inflammation, and preventing acne.

The way to make it is first, the pieces of orange and raspberry that have been cleaned are just inserted directly into the jar that is already filled with water. Furthermore, it can be stored for approximately four to six hours Infused water raspberry and oranges are ready to be enjoyed as a natural diet method.

12. Strawberry and Watermelon

Not only delicious, the watermelon is also included in fresh refreshing fruit. Many watermelon benefits that you can get, for example, increase insulin response, lower blood pressure, and reduce muscle pain. Meanwhile, strawberries have high antioxidant properties and can increase your body's metabolic system. The combination of these two fruits to be used as infused water is very effective in acting as a detox and weight-loss drink.

Add all the pieces of strawberry and watermelon you cut to taste in a large water bottle. Then store in a few hours, a maximum of six hours if you want to be consumed immediately. Or overnight if you want to consume it the next day.

13. Lemon, Strawberry and Mint

To make this infused water mixture of three ingredients, you just wash and cut strawberries and mint leaves and slice the oranges into a large bottle of water. Put it in the refrigerator and leave it there for several hours. You will get a beautiful blend of colors between lemon, strawberry and mint. Drink this infused water regularly so that the detoxification process and burning fat in your body will also occur regularly.

14. Pineapple and Orange

Pineapple and orange fruit contain high vitamin C. As is known, vitamin C has the ability to remove fat, detoxify, improve metabolic processes and tighten the skin. Infused water mixed with both fruits is very easy.

You just need to clean and cut pineapple and oranges in several parts. Next, put it in the water that is full in the jar. Save for six hours then you can enjoy. Take this infused water regularly every day. Also include light exercise such as jogging to help you lose weight.

15. Lemon and Cucumber

This infused water is very popular because the ingredients are very easy to find and also the mixture is not difficult to make. The fresh taste of lemon mixed with cucumber will give your body double freshness when taken by mouth. Apart from its freshness, the content of these two fruits is equally amazing. Vitamin C in lemons can increase metabolic processes in your body. Not only that, it is known that lemon can also burn existing fat deposits and interfere with your activities and confidence.

How to make it does not take long. Slice the thin cucumber and cut the citrus fruit. Put in the water that you have provided before in a large bottle. Let stand and store in the refrigerator for at least four hours.

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