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20 Food and Drinks Effective Cancer Cell Killers

20 Food and Drinks Effective Cancer Cell Killers
InfoHealthyLife.Com - From the daily intake of food and drinks, we alone determine how the health condition of the body. Various types of food that cause disease are very easy to find, especially food and beverages containing carcinogenic substances that trigger cancer. But don't worry first, by eating the cancer cell killer fruits below you will be safe from cancer.

1. Wine

For those of you who like to eat grapes, this is one of the advantages for you, namely wine can prevent cancer cells in the body from developing farther and fiercer. Grapes will not only prevent the development of cancer cells, but are also useful as eradicators of cancer cells that are in their infancy.

This is thanks to the content of resveratrol which is still classified as an antioxidant in wine so that all forms of free radicals will be able to be removed from the body by consuming this fruit regularly. You can choose to eat it directly or make grape juice drinks, of course as long as you choose the fresh wine.

2. Tomatoes

This fruit and vegetable is one of the natural and effective cancer cell killers. Thanks to the lycopene content in it, you can eat tomatoes so that the development of cancer cells can be inhibited as well as completed. Consumption of fruit directly or made juice gives the same effect where you will be prevented from colon cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.

3. Mangosteen

Mangosteen, especially the skin has xanthones compounds that are already trusted in curing many diseases. Besides being able to kill cancer cells, you can consume mangosteen peel as a free radical killer and reduce the risk of diabetes.

4. Watermelon

We know watermelons are fruits that contain high vitamin C right? Besides that, watermelon offers antioxidant properties from the flavonoid content in it so it can certainly protect the body from attacks by free radicals and the threat of cancer cell growth. You can eat it directly or make fresh juice regularly so that cancer cells in the body can be eliminated.

5. Melon

This fresh melon fruit has high water content which is believed to be able to reduce natural high blood pressure. You can eat it directly by peeling and slicing it, juicing it, or adding it as a fruit soup mixture. Melon is a carotenoid-containing fruit and an anticoagulant that is reliable in fighting cancer.

6. Soursop

Soursop fruit is one of the food sources that contain high vitamin C and therefore soursop offers antioxidant properties for our body that will be ready to fight free to kill cancer cells that have the potential to grow in the body. In addition, this fruit also has high fiber content so it is good for digestion.

7. Papaya

Smoothing fruit CHAPTER one is apparently also rich in nutrients, ranging from substances papain, phytokinase, pectin and beta carotene. This orange red flesh is textured almost the same as melon which also contains rich water. The good news is that a myriad of good ingredients in papaya can eradicate cancer cells in our body.

8. Orange

Citrus fruits contain vitamin C and high antioxidants which if consumed regularly can be a way to increase endurance. This is the reason why many people rely on citrus fruits to recover from various types of diseases. No doubt, eating this citrus fruit will minimize the risk of pancreatic, intestinal and lung cancer.

9. Bali Oranges

Other types of citrus fruits besides ordinary oranges that can be consumed as killers of cancer cells are pomelo. According to a study, eating citrus fruits such as grapefruit can reduce the risk of developing cancer in the body, whatever it is, from stomach cancer to respiratory cancer.

10. Lime

Other citrus fruits that you can rely on are not only cough medicines but also cancer cell killers are lime. Eating lime quite regularly every day will minimize the potential for stomach cancer and other types of cancer that are dangerous and threatening to health.

11. Lemon

Even lemons don't miss it for you to put in a list of fruits that are able to eradicate cancer cells accurately and naturally. If you have a big risk of developing cancer, start consuming lemon often, whether it's directly or you make it as a fresh juice drink.

12. Apple

Foods that contain high fiber are also rich in vitamin C, which if consumed every day can reduce the potential for any cancer. Therefore, for those of you who want to get the impact of the habit of eating apples, start consuming 1-2 fruit routinely for maximum health results.

13. Pomegranate

Fruit with dark red meat offers great antioxidant properties for our body. Because it also carries anti-inflammatory properties, eating pomegranates on a regular basis will make the development of cancer cells in the body hampered and even eradicated altogether.

14. Goji Berry

This fruit, also known as Chinese Wolfberry, is a fruit that has been used for thousands of years as a traditional medicine in China. In addition to providing more strength and stamina for the body and making long life, goji berries can be consumed as killers of cancer cells through their detoxification process.

15. Black Raspberry

Consuming freeze black raspberries can be a way to inhibit the development of cancer cells and even kill these cells so they don't develop more seriously. A study has also proven that black raspberries can reduce the potential for esophageal tumors to be up to 50 percent more.

16. Bilberry

Bilberry extract has also been investigated to be a solution for sufferers of colorectal cancer. This study involved 25 cancer patients who were then given bilberry extract. In just a week, apparently cancer cells can decrease quite a lot, which is up to 7 percent.

17. Starfruit

This fruit which also offers high vitamin C has a large anti-inflammatory content. Eating star fruit regularly whether it's eaten directly or juiced can help you eradicate various types of diseases, including also killing cancer cells.

18. Pineapple

Pineapple which is usually a salad ingredient is a type of fresh fruit that also offers a variety of nutrients and health benefits, one of which interferes with and inhibits the growth of cancer cells through its good contents. There are anti-inflammatory properties, organic acids, dextrose, antioxidants and sacharose in them.

19. Strawberries

Other berries that offer health benefits are strawberries. There is an ellagic acid compound in strawberry fruit which is always ready to kill or stop the development of cancer cells. Eating this fruit regularly will reduce the risk of developing oral cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer.

20. Guava

Did you know that this guava contains vitamin C many times higher than ordinary citrus fruits? Besides being included in the fruit group for canker sores, guava is also ready to fight cancer cells that have been in the body. So, don't hesitate to consume it frequently alternating with other cancer-fighting fruits.

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