4 Ways to Calculate Calories to Increase Weight

4 Ways to Calculate Calories to Increase Weight
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Everyone, both men and women everywhere must crave and also compete to have a proportional body shape. To achieve a proportional body shape, not all of them want to lose weight, even some who want to gain weight.

One reason for not being fat for most people is the lack of absorption of calories in the body from food consumed. One solution is to consume more calories as a natural way to fatten the body and also provide effective results.

But to get the maximum results we also have to pay attention to a number of things in how to calculate calories to increase the following weight to get effective results as expected.

1. Check first if we really need to gain weight

Yes, even though it looks thin, it does not mean that someone needs to gain weight, because the body's needs for each person can be different. One way to ensure this is to calculate BMI (body mass index) as a benchmark for measuring healthy weight.

This method of calculating BMI or body mass index is by dividing body weight (kg) and also height (m). After the results are obtained, note the following assessment to determine whether his weight really needs to be added or is already fairly normal.
  • BMI <18.5: Less weight
  • BMI 18.5–22.9: Normal Body Weight
  • BMI 23-24.9: Overweight
  • BMI> 25: Obesity
After that, what is done next is calculating our caloric needs, because a person's calorie needs are different and are determined by many factors. One way to calculate caloric needs is to use the IMT formula x value of activity level.

2. Note the safe limit for additional calories for the body

Yes, even though the goal is to add calories to the body, but we must also pay attention to the safe limits for our body. Because after all the calories that are left to accumulate from within the body can be at risk of causing various diseases that have an adverse effect on the body.

The average increase in the number of safe calories is 500 to 1000 calories per day to gain 1 kg of weight in 1 week. Therefore for the initial stage of the program to increase weight, you should add 500 calories before you increase the results gradually to 1000 calories as one way to calculate calories in food per day for weight gain programs.

3. Also note the type and amount of food to be consumed

Another thing to note in how to calculate calories to increase body weight is the type and also the amount of food to be consumed. Also pay attention to how to cook and other ingredients from the food because of the different ways of cooking, the difference in the number of calories they contain.

4. Obtaining calorie content from food consumed

To get effective results in calculating calories to increase body weight, of course by recording the calorie content of the food consumed. There are also many applications on mobile phones that can also make it easier to record calories from the food we consume and also provide programs that we can do to gain weight.

Such are some things that need to be considered in how to count calories to increase body weight. Also balance with healthy foods that contain nutrients that are needed when the diet adds weight and also a healthy lifestyle to get maximum results.

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