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5 Ways to Lose Weight and Build Muscles in Men

5 Ways to Lose Weight and Build Muscles in Men
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Losing weight is not an easy job especially for men. If the method is wrong, not only fat will be burned into energy, the important muscles will also be eroded. Therefore, men are advised to take the right diet and pay attention to their important nutritional intake.

If you have a large body due to obesity, the best way to improve body image is to reduce fat slowly. After fat decreases, the muscles are formed. If you have a small body, nutritional intake must also be considered. If men only eat, fat will actually be formed.

Here are some ways to lose weight and build muscle in the right men.

1. Measuring daily calorie needs

Before deciding to lose weight or want to build muscle perfectly, first determine your daily calorie needs. Normal calorie needs for adult women are around 2,000 calories while adult men are 2,500 calories. This need is for those who have an average body.

If you want to lose weight and use fat in the body for energy, certainly reducing calories must be done. For example, if one week wants to lose 1 kg, men are advised to reduce the intake of nutrients by 1,000 calories. With additional exercise, fewer calories can be reduced.

Men who want to build muscle or make their bodies fuller, are advised to increase their calorie intake by 250-500 calories per day as needed. Don't add too much because the surplus calories can be converted into fat reserves.

2. Determine the right exercise

Determine the right exercise to build muscle in men or lose weight. All types of exercise can be used, but also adjust to the condition of the body. Obese men will certainly have difficulty doing cardio. Therefore, they are advised to lift weights first while occasionally doing cardio.

Those who want to build muscle, weight lifting are highly recommended. Various movements per body part will trigger muscle fibers to grow. Furthermore, with the addition of balanced nutrition such as protein, its growth can run more smoothly.

3. Measure the body regularly

If you want to increase or lose weight, it's good to measure your body regularly. Body measurements are carried out to record weight, abdominal circumference, neck circumference, and pelvis. This size is used to find a picture of fat in the body.

If fat levels decrease, the area will shrink by itself. Oh yes, for weight problems, sometimes it stuck for several weeks. This is normal because the body experiences plateu or because the fat difference is wasted and the muscles that grow together are the same.

4. Use supplements if needed

Use supplements if needed. For example, you who have difficulty fulfilling protein needs can drink whey milk. This type of milk is also good for muscle growth so that men can more quickly form their bodies. If you are able to meet your daily nutritional needs properly, supplements are no longer needed.

5. Consistent

Doing a diet or changing body shape cannot be done in just one night. New changes will be seen as possible after the first 3 months and slowly until the next 6-12 months.

If you often feel bored and inconsistent, the opportunity to lose weight and build muscle will fail. Therefore, do everything consistently.

Hopefully the above review is useful and you can use to improve your body condition. If the body becomes fit, the chances of getting sick will be low.

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