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5 Ways to Make Your Body Slim and Tall Easily

5 Ways to Make Your Body Slim and Tall Easily
InfoHealthyLife.Com - A slim and tall body is considered an ideal body shape, both for men and women. Therefore, there are many ways to make the body become tall and slim. Here are 5 ways to make a slim and tall body that you can do easily and healthily are:

1. Don't do an excessive diet

The best way to get a slim and tall body is not to overdo a diet that makes you not eat at all. The danger of an extreme diet can make you experience malnutrition that blocks your bone growth. Instead, you can eat less than the usual portion.

Also, avoid foods that make your diet fail due to being unhealthy, such as junk food and oily foods that provide extra fat to your body. You can also add nutritious foods to add nutrients needed during a diet, such as green vegetables, fruit, and various other types of food.

2. Sleep in Sufficient Amount

According to research, you should at least sleep for 7 hours at night. This research shows that enough sleep can burn more calories in the body that come from the food you eat every day. This is certainly the correct diet method recommended for you. So, if you want a thin and slim body, don't stay up late or sleep less.

3. Many Meals in Small Portions

How to make this slim and tall body is done by many South Korean women. The thing you have to do is not to eat a large portion of food. Eat small and frequent amounts.

For example, you eat half an apple, then half an hour and then eat a small piece of cake, and half an hour later eat half an orange. This is a way to speed up metabolism and increase fat burning in the body.

4. Short Sports

Sport certainly must enter as a way to make the body slim and tall. However, do not do strenuous exercise at the same time. The right exercise to lose weight, make the body become tall and slim is a sport that is carried out in a short duration, but is routinely carried out.

For example, you can do rope jumps every 15 minutes a day. Doing this every day will be better than doing it for 1 hour, but only once a week.

5. Avoid Alcohol and Fatty Foods

Fatty foods will increase the amount of cholesterol in your body. While alcohol will inhibit the metabolism in your body so that fat is difficult to burn. So, avoiding alcoholic beverages and fatty foods is a good diet for all ages and genders.

Those are some ways to naturally make your body slim and tall. You can also use these methods as a quick, thin method when breastfeeding and how to diet thinly fast. Besides doing various natural diet methods as above, there are many things that can affect you to be thin and grow tall, such as genetics and heredity.

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