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6 Infused Water Benefits for a Healthy and Refreshing Diet

6 Infused Water Benefits for a Healthy and Refreshing Diet
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Of course you have felt the freshness of fruit juice right? What about infused water? Have you ever tried it? Infused water is detached water from fruit and vegetables that is soaked long in water. Soaked fruits will feel fresh and do not contain calories, perfect for the natural diet you want.

The content of vitamins and minerals in infused water besides being well-known as a type of diet that is effective in losing weight also improves body health. The benefits of infused water for diets include:

1. Low in calories and fat

Because infused water is made from soaking natural fruits and vegetables, so it does not have the fat content and the calories are also small. Suitable for the low fat diet you want to do. Vitamin C in fruits is proven to help eliminate fat and cholesterol so it is effective for reducing your weight. Even when your weight has dropped, regular consumption of infused water will still maintain and stabilize your weight so as not to rise again.

2. As a detoxification and antioxidant

Infused water plays an important role in removing toxins due to free radicals and fats from food or the environment in the body. Soaking fruit, especially oranges and lemons, is effective as detoxification and antioxidants to prevent various diseases and prevent premature aging. Infused water also functions to maintain the performance of organs such as the kidneys, liver and heart, effective in preventing cancer.

3. Smooth the digestive system

The mineral content in infused water functions to facilitate the digestive system so that it is able to dispose of useless substances that are buried, launch defecation, and treat digestive disorders such as constipation, abdominal pain, stomach ulcers, nausea, and heartburn.

4. Improve the immune system

Vitamin C in the fruit of infused water has the property of increasing the body's immune system which can cause influenza, canker sores and coughing. The iron content of vegetables added to infused water can prevent anemia and provide energy, especially when you are on a strict diet program that needs to reduce food calories.

5. Increase stamina and calm the mind

In addition to giving freshness to the body that is tired because of activities all day, the efficacy of infused water for the diet will also restore stamina and provide energy reserves. Very suitable for those of you who are doing a natural diet with low-calorie diet foods such as infused water. Unlike in mixed and refined juices, it may destroy the nutrients needed for the diet in it, infused water will bind intactly and give you maximum nutrition.

6. Control appetite

In doing a diet program, the number of calories we have to eat needs to be reduced so that it will force us to control overeating and unhealthy eating. Taking infused water before meals will be able to suppress hunger and fullness for longer.

How to make infused water is very easy, just by following the steps:
  • Prepare the ingredients used such as 100 ml water, fruits, and vegetables around 6-10 pieces, mix according to taste.
  • Clean the fruits and vegetables that are used until they are completely clean and free of pesticides because they will be soaked in water so they should not be dirty.
  • Cut the fruits and vegetables that are used, can be cut into small dice - small, thin cut, or large - according to taste.
  • Place it in a container such as a jar or bowl and leave for 2-3 hours in the refrigerator, and the infused water is ready to drink when it's fresh - fresh.
Fruits and vegetables mixed into infused water can be combined according to the desired nutritional needs, such as a combination of cucumber and lime rich in vitamin C to eliminate flu and canker sores, and good for skin health. Can also mix strawberries and kiwifruit with their sweet and sour taste to help smooth the body's metabolism and eliminate cholesterol. Strawberry is also suitable mixed with cucumber, lemon, apple, or pineapple which will help burn fat and promote blood circulation, and add mint or rose mary leaves if you want a fresher taste for the way your vegetarian diet is. As for vegetables that you can combine like carrots, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, or celery leaves.

You can combine other fruits or vegetables according to taste, because the benefits of infused water for your diet will be enjoyed optimally. How to diet with infused water is a way of dieting with fruits that you can enjoy after eating, before going to bed, or after exercising 2-3 times a day.

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