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6 Tips to Shrink a Bloated Stomach in a Short Time

6 Tips to Shrink a Bloated Stomach in a Short Time
InfoHealthyLife.Com - A distended stomach is not one big problem it should be. However, it could be that the distended stomach is the beginning of the arrival of many diseases in the human body. The distended abdomen is divided into two versions in general, which are distended because hungry edema is accompanied by a very thin or distended body due to obesity or obesity due to the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area.

Being uncomfortable and not confident because of a distended stomach, you no longer need to worry. This is due to the discussion of this article will discuss some tips on shrinking the distended stomach and various ways to diet the distended stomach that you really hope you can do at home and benefit you of course.

Below will be discussed about tips or how to diet to reduce the distended stomach, namely:

1. Eating wedang ginger

The efficacy of ginger for diet is believed to be able to reduce stomach effectively. Efficacy itself is to balance the pH in the body and facilitate digestion, increase energy, make full longer, and increase metabolism.

In addition to ginger and ginger ingredients, ginger can also only be grated and mixed with honey. The trick is to take the juice from grated ginger as much as 2 tablespoons then mix with 3 tablespoons of honey and add enough warm water. For maximum results, drink regularly every day 2 times a day.

2. Make a diet

Both women and men are required to know how to reduce stomach stomach, which can be done in various ways such as consuming low-fat meat, consuming low fat ice cream, eating dark chocolate, eating yogurt, eating fried potatoes, eating chicken breast.

Well, even though you are on a diet, it turns out the food you eat is fairly good, right? For these reasons, then consider the dangers of taking slimming medicine just because you want something instant to happen. The diet also turned out not to be as bad as you thought.

3. Avoid some foods during the diet

Some foods that must be avoided are avoiding fried foods, avoiding instant noodles, avoiding bread, avoiding avocados, avoid consuming red grapes, avoid consuming vermicelli and avoid crackers. Some of the points that have been described previously are thought to be very much in line with the way of a diet for both men and women.

4.  Drink lime mixed tea

Brew tea as usual, then add the juice of lime juice while the steeping water is still hot. Drink 2 times a day with a dose of 1/2 cup and drink it every day on a regular basis so that it quickly feels its benefits on a distended stomach.

5. Adjust your diet

The most important thing is actually to take care of yourself and learn to regulate the diet that is lived. For example, do not leave breakfast, eat lunch at the hour and do not wait until hunger hits, and avoid eating habits at night even though the stomach often feels hungry.

Especially the worst is getting used to not lying down just after eating and do not chew heavy foods before bedtime. At least eat 2 to 3 hours before bedtime and that's just by consuming fruits to get rid of hunger instead of eating rice to get rid of hunger.

6. Regular exercise

Distended stomach is caused by the amount of food consumed, but there is little burning that allows fat to gather and soak especially in the abdomen.

Therefore, regular exercise is very useful to help you shrink the distended stomach.

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