6 Ways to Make Potato Porridge for an Easier Diet

6 Ways to Make Potato Porridge for an Easier Diet
InfoHealthyLife.Com - One of the best, complete menus and a safe diet that can meet your carbohydrate needs when dieting is potato pulp. This menu has very good dietary benefits for health. As is known, potatoes are one source of carbohydrates instead of white rice.

Potatoes have properties that are very appropriate for the body, including the sugar content that is lower than white rice.

Therefore, if you want to do a good and healthy diet, then don't hesitate to choose potato porridge as one of your mainstay menus. Here are some ways to make potato pulp for a healthier and better natural diet.

1. Simple Potato Porridge

This one diet recipe is classified as the simplest potato pulp recipe. First, you need to wash and peel the potatoes that have been prepared in advance. Then cut the potatoes into smaller sizes.

Put it in the oven and bake until it turns golden brown. After cooking, remove and put in a container. Crush with a spoon or fork until smooth. You can consume these potatoes without added spices. But don't forget to consume enough water.

2. Olive Oil Potato Porridge

The second way to cook potatoes is to bake four or six medium-sized potatoes. Previously you have to cut the potatoes in several parts first. After baking, place it in a container and crush the potatoes using a fork.

Add a little olive oil and salt. Mix all ingredients until homogeneous, then can be consumed. This diet can be done once a week.

3. Ginger Potato Porridge

Cooking potatoes for a third diet can be done by boiling potatoes first. Take two or three potatoes and boil them. Next crush using a tablespoon, then put it in the pan. Add the ginger and garlic that have been mashed. The last new baked potato. The use of ginger and garlic in this recipe is to help potatoes reduce fat in your body.

4. Carrot Potato Porridge

First cut the potatoes and carrots at will, because later they will be destroyed too, so the shape doesn't matter. Boil the two ingredients until it's a bit soft. Then garlic and add it to the pan. Remove the potatoes and carrots and crush them with a fork or knife. Put it in the pan. Stir until homogeneous. Add enough water according to the softness of the pulp you want. Add pepper and salt if it is less salty. Be delicious potato pulp for the diet.

5. Mustard Potato Porridge

For those of you who want to add green vegetables, then the recipe for how to make potato pulp for this one diet seems worth trying. First, provide medium sized potatoes according to how many potatoes you want to eat. For example, two or three potatoes. Cut the potatoes in small sizes, then heat them in boiling water. Wait until the potatoes are half soft, then enter the mustard and garlic slices.

Now cook the potatoes until they are completely tender. Turn off the stove fire and add celery. Mix everything and then filter everything except the cooking water with a filter. Crush the potatoes and garlic in a container and mix together with other ingredients. Porridge is ready to be served and eaten.

6. Potato Porridge Spinning Egg Scramble

This one recipe is somewhat more complex than the previous one, but actually it is very easy to make. First prepare spinach to be consumed. Wash and cut into small pieces. Then peel and wash the potatoes, then boil them together until cooked. Mash or puree the boiled potatoes until smooth. Slice the red onion in a thin shape and chop the garlic until smooth.

Heat a little water, approximately ¾ cup. Then add the red and white onions and mashed potatoes. Stir the mixture evenly and the water shrinks. Add salt if you want to be slightly salty. Stir the potato mixture mixture until thickened.

Meanwhile, it's very easy to make your own scramble egg. You just shake the egg with a little salt in a container. Just heat a little margarine in the pan, then enter the egg beaters. Scramble the eggs until they are cooked and then lift. Now you can serve porridge with toping scramble egg.

The potato pulp menus above are very beneficial for natural diet programs and ways to lose weight. This is caused by the content of vitamins, proteins, minerals and various other nutrients in potatoes.

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