7 Causes of Reluctant Weight Drop Even though It's Diet

7 Causes of Reluctant Weight Drop Even though It's Diet
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Men and women who have fat bodies and tend to be fat are always obsessed with losing weight. Everything done from diet to exercise does not cause fat to fall. No wonder the cause of a diet always fails often makes it lazy to live a healthy lifestyle.

What is it that makes it difficult for men and women to lose weight despite trying? Is there a way to make excess weight drop dramatically, slowly, and the effect is permanent? Consider first the causes of diet always fail below:

1. Don't know daily calorie needs

One of the mistakes often made by men and women and the cause of a diet that always fails is not the daily calories needed. Every weight has different calorie needs. In addition, to make weight loss there must be a reduction in calories.

Knowing and recording daily calories is a bit complicated. However, this method is quite effective in making the body experience a calorie deficit. Use a daily calorie recording tool that can now be downloaded via cellphone.

2. Excessive stress

If the body experiences excessive stress, weight loss will be hampered. In fact, due to excessive stress, the body can experience significant weight gain. Control stress well so that weight loss can run more smoothly.

3. Lack of rest

Metabolism is important for weight loss. If the body experiences excessive fatigue and rest that is done goes stunted, the possibility of thin men getting smaller and this is the cause of the diet always fails. Metabolism will decrease, so fat will not be burned into energy.

Whatever the circumstances, keep at least 6 hours of rest every day. If you can rest for 8 hours it will be much better. When taking a break, try to relax your mind so that you sleep quality.

4. Forget sports

The road to forget exercise every day even if it's just walking or just jogging. Usually when doing a diet, the body will experience a feeling of fatigue and weakness which is quite high. This is natural and can be overcome by making the body become more active than before.

If you can exercise at the gym, it will be better. The body will easily shed fat in the body and keep its condition always excellent. In addition, exercise also makes the immune system strong.

5. Often makes the body hungry

Diet is not the same as making the body hungry. You still meet your daily calorie needs well. Do not make the body become over-hungry because it can reduce metabolism and make your appetite too large. If it gets frazzled while eating, there's no point in doing a diet all this time.

6. Genetics

The causes of diet always fail and fat is difficult to go down and the body starts to deflate is a genetic problem. Men and women have endomorphs. This type of body does tend to be more fat than usual and the fat content in it is quite high.

7. Having hypothyroidism

Men and women have a hard time losing weight because of a disturbance in their thyroid gland. This condition causes the metabolism to drop significantly. Decreased metabolism makes the body more easily experience the addition of fat. In fact, so often, obesity will continue to occur even as a child.

That is why some diet causes often fail and weight does not want to go down even though already on a fairly strict diet. By reading the article above, we will know which main problems that make the diet can not run smoothly.

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