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7 Of The Safest and Healthiest Foods For Breastfeeding Mothers

7 Of The Safest and Healthiest Foods For Breastfeeding Mothers
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Food diet for breastfeeding mothers is very important to consume foods that have high nutritional and nutritional content. However, on the other hand, most of the women also want to maintain an ideal body weight even when they are breastfeeding. In fact, during breastfeeding, a woman needs maximum energy to provide the nutritional content that is distributed through breast milk to her beloved baby. Food Breastfeeding mothers are required to have carbohydrate content, such as rice, bread, or wheat, fruits that are like vitamins, and other foods that contain protein as well as calcium, such as milk.

Breastfeeding Mothers Diet Food

However, various doctors also do not forbid women to keep on a diet while breastfeeding. But still at the right level and follow the rules of recommended food intake. Many foods are recommended by doctors to be combined into a diet for the diet of nursing mothers. Like some foods below:

1. Fruits

fruit that is good for breastfeeding mothers It is important for nursing mothers especially when eating diets. Then, in consuming fruits, it can be consumed directly, or made into a combination juice. High nutrient-rich fruit for both mother and baby is avocado. This fruit has a high fat content, and is not a bad fat for health. Therefore, all the nutrients contained in avocados are very important. Other fruits that can be consumed are oranges. Orange is a fruit that has a very high vitamin C content. In fact, oranges are also an energy intake for babies. In addition to these two fruits, blueberries can also be an option because they have high mineral content.

An alternative to other fruits that can be consumed as food for a nursing mother's diet is strawberry. Strawberry also includes fruits that are rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C which is enough to fulfill the baby's nutrition. In addition, vitamin C in strawberries can improve the mother's immune system so that the mother is not susceptible to disease. Especially when doing a diet. In fact, vitamin C consumed is also able to free the mother from free radicals. So that negative things do not affect the baby even on a diet.

In addition, there is also papaya that is good for consumption. Whether it's old papaya or young papaya. Papaya has abundant nutrients and nutrients, including Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Potassium, and Papain Enzymes. The enzyme serves to accelerate the digestion of protein in the body and also expedite the mother's milk production. Then, young papaya can increase milk production and prevent the baby from dehydration.

2. Nuts and seeds

red beans Other foods that are good for nursing mothers are foods that contain lots of nuts and seeds. Red beans are one of the important foods for nursing mothers. This is because red beans contain a lot of protein and are also rich in iron. Iron functions to prevent mother and baby from anemia.

Then, the diet of other breastfeeding mothers is green beans. To consume it, boil green beans and consume every day so that the mother's milk flow smoothly. It would be better if you consume it with boiled water from the green beans. In addition, cashews can also be an alternative for food for the diet of nursing mothers. This recommendation is based on a high calcium content in cashews which is very good for the bone health of the mother and the baby.

Processed peanut products are also good for consumption as a diet for nursing mothers. Examples are tofu and tempeh. Consuming tofu or tempeh is known to prevent the mother from attack by free radicals. Because it is made from soybeans, tofu is also rich in protein which can repair damaged mother cells, and strengthen cells in the baby's body.

3. Red Rice

red rice Lots of instant baby food made from red rice. This is because brown rice has important calories needed by the body. In fact, consuming brown rice also supports the increasing productivity of quality breast milk.

Brown rice is also tested to reduce the mother's weight to avoid obesity. Because, brown rice has a lower glucose content when compared to white rice. Even so, brown rice has a higher carbohydrate content so that it is enough to provide enough energy for the mother and not make the mother fat.

4. Low Fat Dairy Products

Lots of low-fat dairy products that can be found in nearby stores. Examples of low-fat dairy products are milk, cheese or yogurt. The protein content in milk, as well as vitamins B and D is needed for the baby's growth. Especially in bone growth. It is recommended to continue to consume 600 cc per day or three cups a day for adequate intake. Consuming milk is also beneficial for mothers in fulfilling calcium intake for bones.

5. Fat Meat

lean meatThe lean meat content, or commonly known as Fillet meat, is very much needed by mother or baby. Because this type of meat contains protein, iron, and vitamin B12. These three nutrients really help complement the energy needed by nursing mothers. On the other hand, Fillet meat does not contain a lot of fat which can make you gain weight.

6. Fish Processed Products

salmon fish Fish products become one of the main foods for mothers who are breastfeeding. Especially for those who are on a diet. Why? Processed fish products have a high protein content, but do not make the body fat. Besides the baby's nutrition is fulfilled, maternal health is also maintained. Salmon is one of the many recommended experts to be one of the foods for the diet of nursing mothers. Because, Salmon has a fat content of DHA which is very important for the growth of the baby's nervous system, as well as a good source of energy for nursing mothers. Moreover, Salmon helps increase the amount of DHA that has been contained in breast milk for the baby.

Other processed fish products that can be one of the choices for food for the diet of nursing mothers are tuna. Tuna is believed to be hereditary as a fish that is good for health and can improve brain intelligence. Tuna is rich in omega-3 as well as DHA which is needed for the development of the baby. Catfish can also be another choice for consumption. Because catfish besides having the same content as tuna, can prevent damage to cells that are in the mother or even the baby. Moreover, catfish are easily available at the nearest fish shop at an affordable price.

However, not all processed fish products, or other fresh fish can be consumed and become a dietary food intake for nursing mothers. There are several types of fish that should not be consumed by breastfeeding mothers. Among them are tile fish, mackerel fish, and swordfish.

7. Green Vegetables

broccoli Green vegetables are always an option for those who are on a diet. Moreover, being one of the food choices for the diet of nursing mothers. This is because green vegetables have high antioxidant content and are low in calories. This food is good to be an intake for heart health. Broccoli, is a vegetable that is recommended by doctors to be mixed in food for the diet of nursing mothers. Because broccoli contains folic acid which is needed to increase the intelligence of the baby and How to Cook Broccoli for a Diet Menu is very easy.

Other vegetables are spinach. Eating spinach in a day can also increase the intelligence of the baby's brain. Moreover, in spinach there is also iron which can prevent the mother from anemia. Katuk leaves can also be an alternative food for the diet of nursing mothers. Why? Because katuk leaves, especially young katuk leaves, there are many vitamins and minerals that can increase the mother's milk production.

Lettuce is also a vegetable that is rich in iron, flavonoids, fiber, and folic acid. Consuming lettuce is also reported to be able to maintain the mother's energy while breastfeeding and prevent the mother from anemia. Meanwhile, folic acid in lettuce can help the formation of red blood cells both mother and baby. Therefore, consuming vegetables is the best choice because, there are no bad fats contained in these vegetables.

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