7 Unique Questions About Sex

7 Unique Questions About Sex
InfoHealthyLife.Com - We who are married or mature must know what sex is and how to do it. Even so, there are still many who raise questions about taboo sex that might even be strange. This can happen because sex education material is rarely taught especially in formal schools.
Questions about sex are often considered taboo

Sex is still considered to know even though everyone does it. Finally, some things about sex are rarely known even though they are actually very simple. Here are some questions about sex and the answer:

1. Swallowing sperm can cause pregnancy?

It's simple, the answer is no. Sperm that comes out in the mouth will not fertilize the egg in the fallopian tube. So you do not need to worry when having oral sex and then the partner spills semen containing the sperm into the mouth.

Although it does not cause pregnancy, swallowing sperm directly is also very dangerous. The thick liquid with white does indeed contain nutrients. However, if a man experiences illness such as a sexually transmitted disease, semen will also contain a virus or bacteria so that it can spread to the partner.

2. What if after kissing then having oral sex to the vagina?

The semen that spills into your mouth and has difficulty getting the enzymes that are there will die. So even though after that you do a kiss with a partner then he does oral sex to the vagina, sperm does not come into the vagina.

In addition, if the semen has come out in a woman's mouth, she is advised to wash her mouth immediately. In addition, men are also not advised to take oral sex if the vagina is not clean or has just been used for penetration.

3. Oral sex is healthier than other types?

All types of sex are actually still at risk in spreading the disease carried out unsafe. So, even if you do oral sex or anal sex if you don't use a condom, you can still transmit sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, and genital warts.

Oral sex has been considered safe so that some people continue to have oral sex without using a condom or dental dam. Even though the spread of disease can also occur from the genitals to the mouth or vice versa. So, as much as possible to keep using safety even if only having oral sex.

After oral sex is done and if you want to penetrate, replace the condom used. Condoms for oral sex usually have a special taste and aroma so women don't feel like eating rubber. Conversely condoms for vaginal or anal sex have no aroma and taste.

4. If ejaculation outside is definitely not pregnant?

We always assume that sperm comes out only when ejaculation occurs after a man has an orgasm. Even though not, when having sex and men emitting pre-ejaculatory fluid, sperm also appears there so that the possibility of fertilizing is still there.

In addition, outside ejaculation is also sometimes not easy. If the time is not right when removing the penis, chances are there will still be splashes of semen into the vagina. So, it's better to use a condom if you don't want a pregnancy.

5. How about fingering and sperm in the hand?

Sperm that comes out together with semen and enters the vagina moves to the fallopian tube. Sperm can wait for 5 days before finally dying. If the sperm that comes out spills into a man's hand then he does fingering into the vagina, the chances of getting pregnant are very low or almost nonexistent.

When sperm is exposed to normal air, it usually dies within minutes. Even once thick semen will also become clearer and more fluid. This condition indicates the death of sperm, including those in the hand.

6. Is there a possibility of getting pregnant from anal sex?

We all know that there is no pathway between the anus and the vagina, especially the inside, such as the uterus and fallopian tubes. However, having anal sex must be done properly such as using lubricants and using condoms to be safe and not trigger the transmission of certain diseases.

Although there is no pathway between the anus and the vagina, a woman can experience pregnancy if sperm spills around the anus. As we know, the location between the anus and vagina is very close. If sperm flows into the vagina, it is possible to go inside so that the possibility of a pregnancy still exists.

7. Can you get pregnant even when you have sex for the first time?

One of the biggest mistakes often made by couples, especially those who are not married, is to have unprotected sex. Having sex for the first time is considered to cause nothing. Because it is only the first time, the chances of getting pregnant are very small or even none at all.

Actually, if you want to have sex first or whatever, if the sperm enters the uterus and in the fallopian tube is waiting for the egg, the possibility of fertilization is still large. If some people do not experience pregnancy when having sex the first time it could be because it is not fertile so that the incoming sperm does not fertilize anything.

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