7 Ways to Do a Mediterranean Diet Very Easy to Do

7 Ways to Do a Mediterranean Diet Very Easy to Do
InfoHealthyLife.Com - After getting to know about the Mediterranean diet from the Understanding of the Mediterranean Diet, the Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, and the List of Mediterranean Diet Menus. Now we will give you several stages of how to do a good and correct Mediterranean diet. Actually the Natural Diet method that comes from the Mediterranean region is almost the same as other Safe Diet Methods. Where there are some restrictions that must be avoided. Either avoid by replacing with other foods or reduce the portion of food itself.

In addition, you also have to consume more food than other foods. In the Mediterranean diet the most consumed foods are Low Calorie Diet Foods but high in fiber. Like, fruit for a diet, vegetables for a diet, and nuts for a diet. The benefits of nuts for diets are very large. Nuts usually contain fiber, vitamins, and high protein. The most commonly consumed nuts for the diet are almonds. The Benefits of Almonds for Diet can also help absorb bad fats in the body.

How to do the Mediterranean Diet

How to do this diet is very easy. In general, we only need to do a number of ways below.

1. Eat more vegetables

The diet taken from the lifestyle of the Mediterranean region makes vegetables the main food menu. Vegetables can be processed or cooked into various vegetable dishes. However, it is not recommended to add flavorings like salt and sugar. Therefore, someone who is on a diet usually consumes vegetables that are better by making a salad.

2. Increase fruit food

After vegetables, the next recommended food is consumed more fruit. Almost all types of fruit can be consumed. But still pay attention to the calorie content contained in the fruit so that your diet runs smoothly.

3. Consumption of olive oil

For Indonesian people consuming olive oil is not a popular lifestyle. But for the people of the Mediterranean region olive oil is a complementary food that must be available when eating. Therefore, if you do a Mediterranean diet, one of the healthy living patterns of the Mediterranean people should also be followed. Olive oil can be consumed together with the consumption of salads and some other healthy foods such as grill salmon.

4. Do not consume fried foods

The next way to do a Mediterranean diet is not to consume fried foods. For those of you who like fried snacks you can replace them with healthy snacks. Like stew vegetables or almond beans. You can apply Food Diet without Oil for this diet.

5. Do not consume salt and sugar

Not consuming salt and sugar also characterizes the Mediterranean diet. You are not recommended to add sugar to your food or drink such as Juice for Diet.

6. Cook the food by boiling it

How to cook food for the Mediterranean diet must also be considered. You are prohibited from consuming food by frying. You can only eat foods that are cooked by boiling, steaming, and burning. That is the habit of the people of the next Mediterranean region that you need to emulate.

7. Reducing red meat

The habit of the next Mediterranean people who become healthy lifestyles for the Mediterranean diet is not or reduce consuming red meat. Red meat is meat that comes from large livestock such as cattle and goats. For that you can replace red meat with white meat like chicken and fish.

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