9 Honey Benefits for a Tasty Diet Doesn't Make Fat

9 Honey Benefits for a Tasty Diet Doesn't Make Fat
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Burning accumulated fat to get the ideal body shape does need a lot of effort, because losing weight can't be done instantly because the danger of taking slimming drugs is very risky for health. It takes time and effort such as determining a healthy diet, regulating the number of calories eaten every day, and exercising regularly.

One of the natural diet methods that women can do is consume healthy drinks and foods on a regular basis to help maximize diet programs for obesity ladies. One type of effective diet is to use the honey diet for health.

The benefits of honey for the diet play an active role in losing weight, although it feels very sweet. Consuming honey as a food supplement and before bedtime is believed to burn fat up to 2 kg in 2 weeks. Some of the benefits of honey for the diet, including:

1. Burn fat

Honey has a low carbohydrate level even though it feels sweet so it is suitable for low calorie laddies diet food. To burn stubborn fat in the body, laddies can combine honey with warm water or lemon every day that is proven effective in burning fat and giving energy.

2. Promotes metabolism and digestion

Natural sugar in honey can help launch the body's metabolic system, by removing fat and lowering cholesterol. Natural sugar in honey is better than sugar or artificial sweeteners which causes an increase in blood sugar levels.

3. Increase energy

Carbohydrates and sugar are often consumed to increase energy in the body. Honey can replace that energy, so that laddies can reduce carbohydrate levels which have to consume laddies every day. Especially when the laddies are finished exercising and on the move, a mixture of honey and warm water will restore the drained energy to be refreshed.

4. Natural sugar substitutes

Honey contains natural sugar which is very good for diet for diabetics. The sugar content in honey does not increase blood sugar levels of laddies, so it is good for lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart disease.

5. Low calories

Honey, though sweet, has low calories, which is around 64 calories per meal, so it is safe to consume as a substitute for food intake for laddies. Enough to consume no more than 4 tablespoons of honey every day so as not to overdo it, which is 1 tablespoon of honey when I wake up, 2 tablespoons at lunch, and 1 tbsp before going to bed at night.

6. Retaining appetite

Honey also has carbohydrate levels of 17 grams / tablespoon. Consuming honey every day can meet the carbohydrate needs of laddies every day, allowing laddies to reduce high-calorie foods. Drinking honey with warm water before eating will help reduce hunger in the stomach.

Benefits of honey for the diet you can get every day both in the morning, afternoon to night, or consumed in all situations.

7. In the morning

When the morning after waking up, laddies can consume a mixture of honey and warm water to provide energy in the morning and promote metabolism. Laddies can also mix honey with nutritious cereals for breakfast like oatmeal or whole wheat bread.

8. During the day

During the day is when the body needs high calorie intake, so it is at risk of the temptation to consume high-calorie foods and snacks. But not to worry, laddies can compensate by consuming a mixture of honey with lemon or lime before eating.

High vitamin C in lemons can burn fat in the body and facilitate the digestive system. Also lemon is very active as an antioxidant which releases toxins that cause less absorption of nutrients and can withstand hunger.

Routinely drinking 1 cup of honey and lemon mixture with warm water will help reduce up to 1.5 kg a week. Simply prepare 1 cup of warm water plus 2 tablespoons of lemon or lime juice, and 2 tablespoons of honey, stir until evenly mixed and ready to drink.

9. At night

At night is the right time to rest your body and relax it after feeling tired all day. Laddies can enjoy a glass of warm tea with a mixture of honey to add energy to the body, or with a mixture of honey and cinnamon for a pleasant aroma when relaxed.

In addition to playing an active role in the program how to fast diet laddies, it also gives energy to the body to fresh in the morning. Cinnamon has high efficacy when consumed for a fast, lean diet such as lowering cholesterol, preventing diabetes, reducing the risk of heart disease, and maintaining immunity.

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