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Alert, It Turns out That 7 of These Fruits are Dangerous if Consumed by people With Diabetes

Alert, It Turns out That 7 of These Fruits are Dangerous if Consumed by people With Diabetes
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Someone who has diabetes is usually caused by consuming too much sweet food, especially if the food is added with artificial sweeteners. As a result, the body experiences health problems and the functions of various organs are disrupted, so diabetics are often weak. Not infrequently the sufferers experience complications that lead to death.

Well, so that diabetics can stay healthy, of course, it really needs special attention to food consumed daily. Not only that, some types of fruit like the following must be avoided so as not to further aggravate his health condition.

1. Apricot
The sugar content in the fruit application is very high, so it is not safe for diabetics to consume. The glucose content is quite large, which is around 57 mg / dL while the size of the fruit is not so large. With a carbohydrate content of around 8 grams in half a cup of apricot juice, it can make diabetes worse.

2. Durian
Fruit with a distinctive taste and aroma is indeed very tasty and often hunted when the harvest season arrives. But this one fruit can also have an adverse effect on health, especially for diabetics. Durian contains a lot of sugar, as well as alcohol and gas which makes the stomach feel uncomfortable.

3. Palm
Sapodilla fruit really feels very sweet when it's fully cooked, so it's only natural to be able to increase sugar levels quickly. So this fruit is one that is avoided by people who suffer from diabetes. Even healthy people are not recommended to consume it in large quantities.

4. Banana
Just like sapodilla, bananas are also very high in sugar, including carbohydrates and calories. If bananas are suitable for consumption by people who are on a diet to give the effect of satiety for longer, precisely diabetics are not recommended to consume them.

5. Papaya
The claimed fruit can help facilitate digestion and is also high in sugar content. That is why papaya is a fruit that is also dangerous if it is often consumed by diabetics. The content of carbohydrates and calories in papaya is also quite large, so it can raise blood sugar levels in a short time.

6. Mango
In 3 ounces of mango meat contains sugar of 12.7 grams and 70 calories. Of course such a sugar content can affect one's diabetes. So, avoid consuming mango as much as possible to maintain blood sugar stability.

7. Wine
Fruit that is rich in vitamin C and beneficial for maintaining endurance is also one of the fruits that should be avoided by diabetics. The reason is that the sugar, calories and carbohydrates are also very high even though they taste slightly sour.

Well, that is some kind of fruit which is indeed best avoided by diabetics because it is dangerous if consumed in large quantities especially. Choose other fruits that are low in sugar and calories, if necessary consult your doctor about any foods that are safe to eat.

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