Causes of Vaginal Fungal Infections and How to Overcome

Causes of Vaginal Fungal Infections and How to Overcome
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Compared to men, women are more likely to experience interference with their genitals compared to men. This can occur because of the shape of the vulva which covers the vagina, clitoris, and labia which is more open than the penis. As a result, bacteria or other microbes easily enter and cause problems with fungal infections.

Based on various problems that occur in the vagina, others often appear are fungal infections (yeast) or yeast infection. This infection causes itching and heat even though it is not too harmful to the vagina and woman. This infection can occur due to many things and one of them is having sex.

What is a vaginal yeast infection?

The cause of a vaginal yeast infection is a fungus named Candida. Actually this fungus already exists in the vaginal environment and is not harmful. Unfortunately if the number increases sharply it will often cause problems. Other good bacteria will die so that the infection is inevitable.

As long as the normal flora in the vagina is not disturbed, the possibility of a problem will be very small. In fact, normal flora will make the vagina healthier and keep it from bacterial infections or other viruses that are outside the vagina. Unfortunately the condition of this normal flora is strongly influenced by the pH of the vagina. There are a few changes, new problems can arise.

Why does this infection occur?

Actually Candida does not necessarily trigger vaginal infections if not triggered by other conditions. Well, the trigger is the presence of other bacteria that enter the vagina through the penis, fingers, or sex toys used. The bacteria that enter will damage the balance and cause an increase in Candida.

Apart from through the penis and fingers, having oral sex can also trigger infection. For example, the mouths of men have thrush which is quite severe. Bacteria will get carried into the vagina and trigger fungal infections easily. So, whatever sexual activity you do must be careful.

How to reduce the risk of infection in the vagina

There are several ways to reduce vaginal infections, especially when having sex.
  • Always change underwear regularly after making love. If you don't make love, replace it after using it for more than 8 hours a day.
  • As much as possible immediately urinate after having sex with a partner. With urination, the dirt that enters when penetration will come out.
  • Clean the vagina clean and do not go straight to sleep. To clean it enough with clean running water. Don't use soap at random.
  • Before having sex, try to keep showering clean. Men and women have to take a shower so that their body does not store bacteria. If the body is clean, the infection will not occur.
  • After sex, try to sleep with no panties. By doing this, the vagina will heal itself and the moisture will return to normal.

Other causes of vaginal infections

Vaginal infections are also caused by a number of things below.
  • The irritation that arises from the gathering is a lot of sweat in the vaginal area. In addition, women who rarely change underwear regularly can also experience this condition.
  • Use fragrances or other care products that contain lots of dangerous chemicals.
  • Douching with dangerous ingredients.
  • Using antibiotics.
  • Take birth control pills.
  • Having an immune system that is bad because of congenital or because it is sick.
  • Have high blood sugar because of diabetes. If a woman can control blood sugar in her body, the infection will rarely occur. Therefore, eating patterns must be maintained properly so as not to ignite many new problems.
  • Experience significant hormonal changes, especially when pregnant.
  • Breastfeeding baby.

How to deal with vaginal yeast infections

This infection is relatively mild and will disappear within 7 days after treatment. Therefore, if you feel you have symptoms of a fungal infection in the vagina, it's good to immediately take care. The first treatment that can be done is to use certain ointments such as miconazole.

If you do not want to use certain drugs that contain chemicals, you can use herbal medicine. This treatment can be done in many ways. First is to use yogurt, consume some probiotics, use coconut oil, and apple vinegar.

Mild infections will disappear on their own in less than a week. If there has not been a significant change within a week, it means that there is a serious problem and it can be more than just a normal fungal infection caused by Candida fungi.

Do you need a doctor's examination?

After various external treatments with ointments and some herbal remedies that don't work and the symptoms appear below, it's a good idea to take them to the doctor immediately.
  • Itching and heat gets worse and makes you uncomfortable. This condition will make the vaginal area more sensitive. When wearing underwear, there will often be annoying friction.
  • Normally vaginal infections caused by Candidia will not last long. However, if you suddenly experience it long enough and many times in one year, it's good to immediately check yourself out.
  • Blood spots appear from the vagina and feel more painful than before, even if they don't menstruate.
  • Certain fluids appear with an unpleasant, lumpy aroma and a slightly yellowish and greenish color.

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