Causes Of Wrinkly Eyes When Smiling And How To Overcome It

Causes of Wrinkling Eyes and How to Overcome It
InfoHealthyLife.Com -  One problem that is often experienced by women in the eyes is the eye bags or known as puffines. Puffy eyes are black bags under the eyes that occur for various reasons, including inherited facial characters, allergies, stress, eye fatigue and individual skin characteristics. This condition is very disturbing appearance, especially the women. Usually, the cause of eye puffy is because it is too tired and lacks rest time.
Causes of Wrinkling Eyes

The following are causes of puffy eyes that you rarely realize:

1. Crying

Crying too long can be a cause of swollen eyes due to too much tear fluid collection in the inner eye sac. Tear fluid does contain salt which has the potential to cause the eyes to become puffy because of the nature of the salt that absorbs water in the body.

2. Assurance

Too much and often consuming pickled foods can also be a trigger for puffy eyes. High levels of salt in pickled foods will cause absorption of body fluids and collect them in the lower eye bags.

3. Circulatory disorders

Disorders of blood circulation in the blood vessels around the eye area can also cause eye puffy. Circulatory flow that is not perfectly circulated will cause the supply of oxygen to be disrupted or reduced, so that skin breathing around the eyes becomes disturbed.

4. Eye drops

The content of eye drops containing steroids can also cause the eyes to become swollen. The steroid content in eye medications can put strong pressure on the eyeball, and make the eyes tense. These tense eyes cause pressure on the blood vessels in the skin around the eyes to increase, making the eyes look puffy and swollen.

5. Eye fatigue

Too much time spent in front of the computer in a state of lack of lighting and high concentration of brain and eyes will cause eye fatigue because the eyes are overworked or have maximum accommodation. If left unchecked, over time it can also cause the eyes to become puffy and swollen.

6. Lack of rest and disease disorders

Lack of rest can also be a trigger for the appearance of puffy eyes, but usually disappears on its own after taking the best rest, sleep. Chronic disease disorders that are getting worse, especially health problems in the liver and heart can also trigger the occurrence of puffy eyes.

Ways to Get Rid of Wrinkling Eyes

Here's how to get rid of puffy eyes that you can do at home:

1. Use anti-inflammation
Apply an anti-inflammatory cream around your eyelids. Hemorrhoid creams are also anti-inflammatory agents that can reduce puffy eyes. Gently apply the cream around the orbital bone under the eyes. Make sure the cream does not hit the eyes, because this can cause irritation.

2. Cold compress

Press the eye to puff gently using cold objects. Place the ice on a soft towel and press it into the puffy eye area. If there is no ice, you can use a spoon that has been cooled for 10 to 15 minutes, then wrap it with paper and press on the puffy eye bags. A cold sensation will reduce swelling and soothe pain.

Remember that ice or frozen objects must not come into direct contact with your skin. Always make sure there are obstructions such as paper napkins or cloth.

3. Use cucumbers

Place the cold cucumber slices in the area of ​​the puffy eyes. You should rest your head on the pillow and keep it quiet for a while, but cold cucumber slices are a fun and relaxing way to reduce puffy eyes. Cucumbers have ascorbic acid which is thought to reduce irritation, and colds will also help swelling.

  •     Cut two slices of cucumber
  •     Rest your head halfway down
  •     Place cucumber slices on the eyelids
  •     Leave for at least ten minutes
  •     Remove and clean face
4. Use potatoes

Use potato slices in the swollen eye area. Potatoes have an enzyme called catecholase which is thought to reduce water retention around your eyes. Place thin potato slices over the eyelids and leave for 10 minutes before lifting and washing your face.

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