Check out the 10 Dangers of the Atkins Diet You Should Be Aware of

Check out the 10 Dangers of the Atkins Diet You Should Be Aware of
InfoHealthyLife.Com - The Atkins diet is one type of diet that is quite popular where you are allowed to consume various types of foods that contain protein and avoid foods that contain carbohydrates. This diet has quite a lot of interested people because it is very pleasant. You can eat as much as possible without having to limit the amount as long as the food is low in carbohydrates and high in protein.

This diet ensures that you as a dieter will not feel hungry or tormented but can still get a slim and ideal body. But behind its popularity, the Atkins diet turned out to be a big danger. The significant function of carbohydrates for the body raises some of the dangers of the atkins diet, which dieters must watch out for. The following are some side effects that might occur if the diet is carried out for a long time.

1. Lack of Fiber

In the Atkins diet, you will focus on consuming various protein sources of food and consuming only a small amount of carbohydrates, even though carbohydrates are rich in fiber which is very useful for maintaining digestive health. Running the atkins diet for quite a long time will cause the body to lack fiber so that it presents some symptoms of digestive disorders such as constipation and diarrhea. The solution is you can consume fiber from fruits and vegetables so that digestion remains healthy because fruits and vegetables are one type of filling low-calorie food.

2. Weak and lethargic

Carbohydrates are the main energy source for the body. When the body lacks carbohydrate intake, the body will work harder to find other energy sources that can be used and it tends to make the body easily weak and lethargic.

Under these conditions you have to consume more sodium and drink more water in order to carry out activities as usual. Aside from being a fuel, the function of carbohydrates for muscles that can make the body ready to do several types of exercise may also affect your lifestyle.

3. Leg cramps

Drinking too much water is also not good for health because water can reduce potassium levels in the body. When the body lacks potassium, you may be able to feel leg cramps in the morning when you wake up.

Some foods such as bananas and dark leafy vegetables can help meet the body's potassium intake. Understanding how to properly and healthy diet during a low carbohydrate diet is indeed very important so that the body continues to get the necessary nutrients.

4. Interrupted Menstrual Cycle

One of the dangers of the atkins diet for women is the disruption of the menstrual cycle. The lack of carbohydrates makes the body stressed, weak so that the menstrual cycle is disrupted. In addition, low levels of leptin in the body, cells that control hunger in the body, can also trigger irregular menstrual cycles. You must still consume carbohydrates even though there are not too many in order to keep the menstrual cycle running smoothly.

5. Fragile bones

When the body lacks carbohydrates, the body lacks fiber so the digestive system cannot absorb calcium properly. Therefore, calcium deficiency which causes fragility of bone structure can occur. The side effects of this low carbohydrate diet might endanger the health of bones because calcium is a very important nutrient.

6. Change in mood

The low carbohydrate makes the body experience a feeling of weakness and lethargy which triggers stress that does not only occur outside it remains inside. No wonder if you experience mood changes when this happens because the body is not familiar with the condition.

7. Risk of Heart Disease

The high consumption of animal protein such as meat containing fat is certainly not good for health, especially the heart. High levels of fat in the body can trigger various diseases related to heart health such as stroke. To work around this you should multiply the consumption of animal protein such as eggs and fish that are safer and lower in fat. Eggs are one type of food that makes skinny in 1 week because the eggs are filling and low in calories.

8. Bad breath

Although not everyone experiences this, bad breath can occur when the body burns too much fat as a substitute for energy and uses fat to carry out brain functions to keep it going well. This only happens temporarily until the body gets used to the low carbohydrate condition.

9. Difficulty sleeping

Low levels of serotonin and insulin in the body trigger insomnia which causes you to have trouble sleeping at night. Lack of sleep can certainly make conditions worse because the body becomes less fit and prone to disease.

10. Faster Heartbeat

When the body is dehydrated and sodium levels are low due to lack of carbohydrate intake, the heart beats faster and faster than usual because the heart must work harder pumping blood due to the lack of fluids needed by the body.

This condition normally occurs at the beginning of the diet and maybe the body will get used to it so that the heart rate can return to normal. One of the natural ways to reduce the body is by increasing drinking water, in addition to keeping the body protected from dehydration, water can also prevent you from eating too much.

Some of the dangers of the atkins diet above do seem trivial, but if left unchecked it can certainly endanger health. Reducing carbohydrate intake is good, but if the amount is too small, the body will lose one of the nutrients it needs. So even though you are undergoing an atkins diet, you will still consume balanced nutrition and healthy food so that your body is thin but not diseased. You can also learn some natural diet methods in a short time as an alternative to the Atkins diet.

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