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Famous Effective Lower Weight, These 10 Diets Turn Out to Be Dangerous!

Famous Effective Lower Weight, These 10 Diets Turn Out to Be Dangerous!
InfoHealthyLife.Com - One effort to lose weight that many people do is to apply a certain diet. Each type of diet certainly has different patterns and risks. Many of them are even very extreme and can be classified as dangerous diets. What types of popular diets are apparently not good for health?

Types of Dangerous Diets

Applying certain types of diets will certainly make the body reflect because of changes in diet that is not as usual. But among the many types of diets, there are several diets that are fairly extreme and high risk, so they can be classified as dangerous diets. Here are some of them:

1. Ketogenic diet

The first dangerous diet is the ketogenic diet. This one diet is a diet with rules for high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate food intake. Food intake with this pattern will create a ketosis condition that makes the body burn fat reserves into an energy source.

The keto diet into the diet is dangerous because it can trigger ketoacidosis which can cause symptoms such as dehydration, dry skin, fatigue, abdominal pain, and shortness of breath. The more severe condition is that it can cause coma until death. This condition is caused by too much ketone in the body. Ketones are compounds produced in ketosis conditions.

2. Baby food diet

A dangerous and unhealthy diet is a baby food diet. This diet requires the culprit to apply a diet like a baby from the portion to the type of food eaten. Reducing the portion of food and variants of food consumed will certainly trigger weight loss.

Unfortunately this diet can also cause a lack of nutrients that enter the body. Although baby food is a good food for growth, of course the nutritional needs of babies and adults remain much different.

3. Mayo diet

The mayo diet can also be classified as a dangerous type of diet. The mayo diet is a diet that is carried out for 13 days and applies low-carb foods and prohibits salt consumption. Weight loss when doing a mayo diet is caused by the body losing fluid due to the absence of salt consumption which has the ability to bind fluids in the body.

In addition to its only temporary weight loss, mayo diets are also included in an unhealthy diet because of a decrease in calorie intake that is too extreme when compared to normal calorie needs.

4. Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is also known as the fasting diet. This one diet allows the culprit to eat anything, but must fast at certain hours. Fasting hours in intermittent fasting vary from fasting under 24 hours to fasting that is done for more than 24 hours. The time when you are allowed to eat is called 'window meal'.

This diet is often considered a dangerous diet because it is feared that it will make it difficult for someone to control their appetite when they enter the 'window of eating'. In addition, there are a number of fasting options that are too extreme to be feared can disrupt health.

5. Paleo diet

A dangerous diet that is also controversial but still in great demand is the Paleo diet. This diet adapts patterns and types of food consumed by humans during the Peleolytic period. This diet is considered not good because it is not in accordance with human needs at this time which is certainly different from the needs of early humans.

6. Acid-base diet

An acid-base diet is also known as an alkaline diet. This diet regulates alkaline food intake by as much as 70% and only 30% of food with acidic properties. The purpose of this diet is to balance the body's pH. This diet is also considered unhealthy because the nutrients that enter the body are not balanced. In addition, some people also think that this diet has a fairly complex pattern.

7. HCG diet

Have you ever heard of the hCG diet? This dangerous diet is a controversial diet. Some of you already know that hCG is a type of hormone that is owned by pregnant women. The hCG diet is done by injecting the hormone hCG into the body and following the rules of eating low-calorie which is quite extreme.

In addition to the unknown effectiveness of the entry of the hormone hCG in the body, this diet is also considered too extreme for the body. Some of the risks that may arise due to this one diet are like the appearance of gallstones, heart rhythm disorders, and nervous disorders.

8. Atkins Diet

The next dangerous diet is the Atkins diet. This diet has rules similar to the keto diet, except that the absorption patterns are different. As for the risk of the Atkins diet is not much different from the Keto diet because both of them both limit carbohydrate consumption extensively.

9. Lemonade diet

The lemonade diet is also known as the Master Clean diet. This diet is a fairly extreme diet because you are only allowed to consume lemonade or lemonade made from lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup for 10 days. This kind of diet can damage your metabolism and can cause you to lose muscle mass.

10. Diet soup

The next dangerous diet is diet soup. The most popular soup diet is the cabbage soup diet which also had become a trend in Indonesia several years ago. Consumption of vegetables does seem healthy, but of course it will still be harmful to the body if it is not balanced with foods containing protein and carbohydrates.

Healthy and Safe Diet Tips

If you look at the patterns of dangerous diets mentioned above, each diet has some similarities which can be concluded as characteristics of an unhealthy diet such as being able to lose weight in a short time, decrease excessive calorie intake, and nutritional imbalances. Some diets above, although they are considered dangerous, can still be done carefully and certainly not for a long time.

If you want a healthy diet that is without risk at all, it's better to apply a diet with balanced nutritional intake. The calories needed by the body are an average of 1200-1800 calories per day and the composition of protein, carbohydrates, and also the fat must be balanced.

In addition to applying a healthy diet, you also have to exercise regularly. If you want to lose weight. compared to reducing the number of calories, it is better to increase the intensity of exercise, provided that it is still within reasonable limits. A healthy diet and regular exercise can help you lose weight around 0.5 kilograms per month.

Indeed, weight loss that occurs is not too significant when compared to extreme diets, but with a healthy diet, your health will be maintained and the risk of various types of diseases can also be reduced. If indeed the body needs a strict diet due to certain conditions such as obesity or diabetes, it should be done under the supervision of a doctor and nutritionist.

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