Natural Ways to Make Men Long Lasting in Beds

Natural Ways to Make Men Long Lasting in Beds
InfoHealthyLife.Com - The pride of a man in matters of a bed is to be able to satisfy his partner. Sex is also done long enough so that many interesting things can be done together. Unfortunately, not as much as men can last long in bed. Often just a few minutes of sudden ejaculation penetration appears.

Experiencing ejaculation quickly is very embarrassing for men. Therefore, men are advised to be better able to take care of themselves. In addition, men can also do some simple and natural things that make them last long.

1. Standard of male ejaculation

Actually there is no official standard that is treated to determine whether men experience ejaculation disorders or not. We can't fix it. However, from several agreements, men are said to experience premature ejaculation if they emit sweet after just 1-2 minutes of sex.

With this standard men who have ejaculated after having sex for 5 minutes have not been said to experience premature ejaculation. Men with this disorder usually feel uncomfortable and scared causing dissatisfied couples.

Some men who feel afraid of this condition often consume certain drugs. There are also those who use a tool such as a tissue with sensitivity-reducing fluids so that ejaculation can be prevented. Unfortunately the device or drug is quite risky due to interference.
Natural ways to make men last long in bed

Here are some natural ways to extend the time of ejaculation in men when having intercourse with their partners.

2. Eat foods with amino acids and zinc

Eating foods containing amino acids and zinc turned out to be good for treating premature ejaculation. Zinc can increase testosterone levels in the body. As we all know, this sex hormone can increase libido from men so that their sexual ability on the bed will increase.

Furthermore, some amino acids are known as strong natural drugs in men. By eating meat, oysters, and certain types of seeds and nuts, you can promote blood circulation in the penis. Erection can be maximal so that men can enjoy it to the fullest. Two of the above if combined can also lengthen ejaculation in men.

3. Trying to have an ideal body weight

This man is always indifferent to the condition of his own body. As long as they don't get sick they will feel healthy. Even though paying attention to body conditions including weight is very important. Men with ideal body weight tend to have a long ejaculation time when making love with their partners compared to those who are obese.

If you feel obese, it's good to immediately lose weight quickly. Weight loss will make the erection stronger, libido rises, and the chance of premature ejaculation is getting smaller.

4. Train the pelvic muscles with kegel

Premature ejaculation is often caused by disruption of the pelvic muscles. This disorder causes men to be difficult to resist the stimulation given. As a result, the defense broke down quickly. Well, if you feel experiencing this, try doing kegel exercises.

This exercise is done like when holding urine. Do it for several sessions every day so that the muscles become stronger over time.

5. Exercise regularly

Obesity that occurs in men causes a decrease in ejaculation time. Therefore routine exercise must be done well every day. The type of exercise that is suitable for men who are obese is lifting weights. With this exercise they can reduce fat quickly and smooth blood flow perfectly.

6. Try for relaxation

Ejaculation problems are not only caused by physical disorders. More than that, disturbances in the mind can also trigger the rapid release of semen even though it's still only a few minutes. Therefore, try to relax and not worry too much about your body and genitals.

A sense of worry or fear of excess will reduce performance. That's why men who do the first night with their partners often ejaculate quickly. This happens because they are less relaxed. Excessive fear destroys everything. Therefore, do everything more relaxed.

7. Masturbate before making love

If you want to get a long time before passing sex with your partner, it's good to masturbate. Yes, masturbating about 1-2 hours before sex can lengthen the time of ejaculation until the man finally gets his orgasm.

Masturbation can also be done to practice control of the muscles in the pelvis. This exercise is very similar to kegel. Sex in this way will produce little semen. Therefore, you who are intending to have a baby will have to get it.

8. Circumcision or using a condom

As we all know, one of the causes of premature ejaculation in men is the sensitivity of the penis that is too high. As a result, men become easily ejaculated and have difficulty holding intense stimulation received. This condition is often experienced in men who are not circumcised. Therefore, circumcision is highly recommended for men who often experience this disorder.

If men don't want to do circumcision, there are other programs that can be done. The method is to use a condom. By using a condom, the sensitivity of the penis will decrease. Initially sensitive head of the penis can be minimized.

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