Sleep Position that is Good for Body and Health

Sleep Position that is Good for Body and Health
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Sleep is everyone's main need, and is very important for physical, emotional and mental health. During sleep, the body's cells will regenerate and recuperate, replenish energy, rest the brain, and lie down. That's why it's highly recommended to get a quality night's sleep to support health and productivity. Regarding the quality of sleep, the correct sleeping position is an important part.

Sleeping position

Everyone has different sleeping styles and positions. And generally, there are 3 sleeping positions, namely: supine, sideways, and face down / prone.

Sleep Position Supine

Sleeping on your supine position is very good for your spine and neck, because this position puts it in a straight and neutral position.

Some of the supine benefits include:
  • Prevents pain in the spine (back) and neck
  • Avoid rising stomach acid
  • Minimizes wrinkles on the face because there is no pressure on the face while sleeping on his back
However, this is the best bed for people who sleep snoring. Because this position causes the base of the tongue to be supported towards the throat and respiratory tract, causing the air flow space to narrow, so that snoring becomes louder.

The position of sleeping sideways

Sleeping or sideways position is the position most people use to sleep compilation. Not without reason, because besides being comfortable, this position is also very good for general health. A common variation of sideways sleep is a curved position (such as the knees bent toward the chest) such as a baby fetus - fetus - and sleeping on the right side.

Side sleep is approved for people who snore and those who suffer from a spinal or back pain. And the left side sleeping position is approved for pregnant women because it is ideal for blood flow and reduces pressure on the stomach.

In addition, this also has several disadvantages, including can cause wrinkles on the face due to pressure on one side of the face to the pillow during sleep. In addition, this position can also cause the breasts to become loose because they are pulled down when you fall asleep.

-Position of Sleeping on his stomach

Sleeping with your stomach down, aka prone / face down, is a position you don't like. This position is a bad sleeping position, because it can cause pain in the back and neck muscles. This is because the position is opposite to the natural shape of the spine, and the position of the neck will be very odd, with the muscles being attracted.

People who often sleep on their stomach are not infrequently experiencing difficulties or aches in the neck wake up in the morning. Pressure on the face is also very large when someone sleeps on his stomach.

But there is one good thing about this position, which is to reduce snoring.

What is the best sleeping position?

The experts take the best supine sleeping position, following it sideways. While sleeping on his stomach is a bad position and not liked.

However, regardless of the advantages and disadvantages of each, there are those who argue that he considers the most comfortable. Experimenting with various sleeping positions will not be challenging, so you can try each position for several nights and determine which position is most comfortable for you.

Trusted by doctors (only related to your health) to sleep in a certain position, you are free to try various sleeping positions. The most important thing is that you get a quality sleep time, so that it is possible for the body to do restoration.

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