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Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits of Roasted Corn for Our Health

Tasty and healthy! Here are 7 Benefits of Roasted Corn for Our Health
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Do you like roasted corn? maybe some of you will like it or not. Corn is the most used in cooking ingredients such as bakwan corn, jasuke (Cheese Milk Corn), and so on.

Roasted corn is usually consumed by people while celebrating a party like the new year or when they are camping in the mountains which is very suitable to warm the body.

Apart from that all corn also turns out to have several benefits that are good for human health, including:

1. Very Good for Eye Health

The content of vitamin A found in corn is very useful for healthy eyes. In addition this vitamin will also increase the immune system and help the process of fetal growth (For Pregnant Women).

2. Risk of Heart Disease Can Be Reduced

Bioflavonoids and carotenoids in corn are very good for controlling high cholesterol levels and also reduce cholesterol absorbed in the body, which of course is very good for the heart.

3. Can Prevent Diabetes

In corn there are also compounds that can control the stability of insulin in the human body, namely phenolic phytomomia. For those who want to prevent diabetes, then consuming corn every day is highly recommended. There are even some products from corn that are specifically for diabetics.

4. Prevent Anemia (Less Blood)

For those of you who often have anemia or lack of blood, consuming corn can prevent that. This is because corn also contains iron which functions to help the process of forming blood cells in the body.

5. Healthy bones

Phosphorus in corn has no doubt its efficacy for bone, this compound can help prevent bone loss and calcification which is usually often experienced by older people.

6. Launch a bowel movement

Those of you who often have difficulty defecating or defecating are very suitable for consuming this one food. The fiber contained in corn is useful to facilitate digestion and prevent hemorrhoids and colon cancer.

7. Corn Carbohydrates Are Better Than White Rice

Complex carbohydrates contained in corn function to control the breakdown of glucose into the blood, and maintain energy stability in the body and make the stomach feel full longer.

Very different from carbohydrates in white rice which very quickly increases sugar levels in the body, which is at risk of increasing diabetes. The point is, don't overdo it because something excessive is not good.

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