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These 10 Foods Are Effective Against Colds and Flu

These 10 Foods Are Effective Against Colds and Flu
InfoHealthyLife.Com - The transition season is always synonymous with the name of flu and runny nose. Before you start contracting the virus, it's good if you start trying to protect yourself by increasing your immunity through foods rich in nutrients that can help you fight various diseases.

The following 10 foods are effective for fighting and treating colds and flu naturally:

1. Salmon
Fatty fish such as salmon have high protein content and contain omega-3 fatty acids. Where protein is needed to synthesize the structure of the immune system including the skin, cell membranes and antibodies. Without protein, the immune system is likened to a soldier without a sword that is left helpless against invading viruses and bacteria.

2. Yogurt
Yogurt, besides high in protein, also has probiotics, where probiotics have been used since a long time as traditional medicines to treat various diseases. The function of yogurt is to increase the body's immune system to become stronger. This can happen because the good bacteria contained in yogurt suppress the development of bad bacteria originating in the body so as not to increase.

Even now some recent research shows that probiotic bacteria contained in yogurt effectively prevent respiratory infections such as flu. Regular intake of probiotic bacteria also helps reduce the duration and severity of flu symptoms.

3. Garlic
Who would have thought that plants commonly used as one of the cooking ingredients turned out to be effective as a medicine against colds and colds. Garlic is one of the best natural sources of quercetin, where quercetin promises the potential to suppress rhinovirus which is the source of flu and colds.

Garlic is also antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties that can help you stay healthy. In addition, garlic is also included in the list of foods that contain the least amount of pesticides and other hazardous chemicals. Most European societies support the use of garlic to treat coughs, colds and sinusitis.

Raw garlic is reported to have the most health benefits. The benefits of garlic will last for 10 minutes before cooking even if you cut or destroy it.

4. Egg
In one medium sized egg contains 6.8 grams of protein (while the amount of protein suggested by the FDA is 50 grams). Protein is very important to build muscle and keep your body healthy and strong. Besides that, eggs are also rich in vitamins and minerals including B6 and B12 which contribute to maintaining the immune system.

5. Nuts
Nuts are one of the snacks that have a high protein content. Nuts are also the best source of selenium and zinc. Where these two minerals are important for maintaining the health of the immune system. Brazil nuts known as legumes which contain the most selenium and Japanese chestnut have high zinc content.

6. Paprika and vegetables are dark green
Maybe you think orange is the fruit that contains the most vitamin C. But you know paprika and dark vegetables like spinach, lettuce, cabbage and broccoli actually contain higher levels of vitamin C. Even so, it's important to know that vitamin C can't treat flu, only they can reduce the time you contract the virus.

7. Ginger
Ginger is known as a universal medicine. Spicy and hot from ginger helps break down mucus to help clear the respiratory tract and reduce symptoms of constipation. Ginger also contains phytochemicals that help fight viruses that can cause respiratory disease. Ginger is available in capsule form, and you can take 250 to 500 mg three times per day. However, fresh ginger in tea or cooked with food will certainly be much better.

8. Foods containing zinc
Zinc-containing foods such as beans (dried beans, peas, or soybeans), the most effective pumpkin seeds, seeds, beef and eggs are used to strengthen the immune system and help ward off colds. If you have already contracted this virus, the zinc will reduce symptoms and help you heal faster.

9. Green tea
Green tea has the most attractive health benefits because of its potential to prevent colds and colds. Catechins, are the same compounds that are responsible for losing weight. Green tea has been shown to inhibit adenovirus flu and influenza viruses.

Maybe you can add a little more lemon or vitamin C to your tea. Research shows that vitamin C can increase the number of catechins available to the body.

10. Watercress
Watercress is a vegetable full of nutrients. Watercress has been used since a long time as a traditional medicine to treat cold symptoms such as runny nose and cough. Besides being low in calories, watercress also contains a myriad of vitamin C. You can use these vegetables as salads or additions to sandwiches.

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