These are 5 Fruits for Eye Health

These are 5 Fruits for Eye Health
InfoHealthyLife.Com - There are a number of eye problems, including minus eyes, plus eyes or silinders eyes. Although some of these eye problems can be dealt with and treated with treatment, but know that to overcome the minus eye, the eye plus silinders' eyes can also be overcome by consuming some fruits.

Many fruits in Indonesia, these fruits must have many benefits for health and beauty. One of the benefits of fruits is to overcome problems in the unhealthy eyes. There are several recommendations for fruits that are good for eye health, among them are fruits that contain vitamin A. The following are fruits that are good for maintaining eye health.

1. Carrot Fruit

Carrots are enriched with the many benefits of vitamin A. So carrots are often used as recommendations for dealing with eye diseases. Basically, this carrot vegetable is good to use with raw or ripe carrots. Usually carrots are used to treat eye diseases by consuming meth and also made carrot juice.

2. Tomato Fruit

Tomatoes, besides containing the benefits of vitamin C, also contain tomato nutrients, including vitamin A, which is used to treat eye problems. The minus eye or silinders are really not good for the good activities every day.

Utilizing tomatoes is not just used for masks for facial health. But using tomatoes is also good for the eyes. Simply cut the round tomatoes and stick to the eyes. Let stand for 15 minutes and do it for 3 days. In addition, you can immediately consume tomatoes to maintain your eye health.

3. Cucumber Fruit

Not only is it well used for eye masks, the efficacy of this cucumber has a good content for keeping the eyes and avoiding the eyes from some eye problems. The cucumber fruit will provide a cool or cool sensation in the eyes so that it will make the eyes relax. This will give a fresh and healthy feeling to the eyes.

4. Chili

Those of you who like to be spicy must be familiar with the word chili. Chili is one of the fruits or vegetables that have high vitamin A content. It is even known that there are 3700 UI vitamins A in 50 grams of chili. Pretty much right?

So eating chili will certainly give goodness to eye health, by routinely eating chili or sprinkling chili on each of your foods can provide a good effect for eye health.

5. Melon

This fresh green fruit has a sweet taste. Melon is one of the fruits that is seasonal. So this melon will only be available during the season, but this fruit will rarely be found. Melon fruit actually contains 5400 UI Vitamin A in 100 grams of melon. no less than chili. For this reason, by routinely consuming melons, it will help your eyes become healthier. Melon is also one of the good foods for people with stomach acid.

That is some fruit for eye health which is very good for maintaining eye health. By utilizing these fruits, not only the eyes become healthy. But with fruits on beauty even can be obtained. Because some of these fruits contain various vitamins that are good for skin health and beauty.

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