Ways to Do Right and Easy Wall Sit

Ways to Do Right and Easy Wall Sit
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Wall sit is included in one type of sport that is currently widely used by men and women. This is because the wall sit movement is very simple and to do this movement you do not need a lot of energy so that many people like sports activities using sports wall sit.

Even though it doesn't require a lot of energy but in fact the benefits that you can get are even more than heavy exercise that requires too much energy.

There are several ways you can do this wall sit. Starting from movement without the help of sports equipment to sports accompanied by adequate sports equipment.

    Basic Wall Sit Movement

There are lots of ways to do wall sit movements, one of which is the basic movement of the wall sit sport. Even though it's only a basic movement but this movement is the best for you who want to train your thigh muscles and your butt muscles. So that your thighs and buttocks can be very good in shape. The way to do basic wall sit movements is:

1. Position the body straight in front of the wall

The first step is to start standing tall in front of the height. So that your body is back to the wall. Straight up body do not bend to make it easier to do a wall sit. Place your hands on both sides of your right and left side with straight hands.

As for the feet, position your feet like you are ready. Do the movement of burning 1000 calories on a regular basis so you can shrink your body shape.

2. Step forward

Next is stepping both feet forward so that there is a distance of about 60 cm between the feet and the wall. And position your legs openly unlike when you are ready when you stand up. The size of the range of both feet when open is about 15 cm or smaller than the width of your shoulder. These are the benefits of bedtime sit ups that you can get if you do it continuously.

3. Lower your body down

If the foot position is correct then the next is to position your body. Lower your body from the position that was originally standing up to like squatting or like the position when you are sitting and the wall that rests on you. Then start bending your knees to form a perfect 90 degree angle. Benefits of bedtime push-ups that you can get if you do it regularly every night.

An important note when you start doing this position is to make sure if the knee does not go past the ankle position. Or it's easier to interpret your knees to be positioned just above the two ankles. Usually to get this position you have to shift your body slightly up or down. It turns out that the benefits of plank before bed are very healthy for your body.

This position has a huge benefit for strengthening the quardis muscles located around the thighs and also strengthening the hamstring muscles in the back of the thigh. This exercise can also prevent damage to the knee muscles. If your knees are strong, your activities every day can also be more smooth. Be aware of the dangers of sleep after eating for your body.

4. Hold the position like sitting

The next step is to hold the position like sitting in a chair for twenty seconds or better about sixty seconds in length. When you are in this position you will feel heat around your thighs and stomach. And this means that the fat in your thighs and stomach starts burning continuously. These are the health benefits of morning exercise that you should know.

    The Wall Sit Movement Uses Medicine Ball

Wall sit sports can not only be done with basic movements. But you can also use sports aids like medicine ball to do this wall sit exercise. Even though you use medicine ball, you can still get many benefits for your body. The way to do wall sit by using medicine ball is:

1. Position the medicine ball between the knees

First, do movements like the basic wall sit movement. After you sit in a chair as described above, position the medicine ball between your knees and apply the medicine ball. If indeed there is no medicine ball, then you can replace it with basketball or a soccer ball or even a towel that is shaped like a ball. Obey the right time to eat for this diet so that the results of your diet can be maximum.

2. Press the medicine ball firmly on the knee

You can replace Medicine Ball with another ball, but make sure the ball you use has a soft and soft texture that won't hurt you. After the ball is positioned on both knees, press the ball as hard as possible using your knees while holding down the sitting position. This is the reason why weight loss is difficult even though it is a difficult diet that is rarely known by many people.

Exercise holding and pressing the medicine ball in the wall sit movement is useful to make the muscles around the thigh area become strong and tight. Because if you just do a wall sit motion, the muscles in the thighs will not be touched by the wall sit movement so that your thighs can become an area of ​​accumulated fat. Find out the 8 benefits of an amazing morning run before breakfast.

    Wall Sit Movement Using Dumbel

Wall sit sports can not only be used to train your thigh muscles and legs, but can also be used to train your arm muscles. Even while forming your arms to be ideal, you will get the shape of your thighs, knees, calves, buttocks, even your ideal stomach. The way to wall sit using dumbbells is:

1. Hold the dumbbells in your hands

Start the wall sit movement using the dumbbell by standing while placing your hands on your right and left side. For dumbbells that you use, try to use dumbbells that are not too heavy, such as dumbbells weighing only 1 kg for starters. Because if it is too heavy, your hands can be in pain and even muscle cramps can occur. It turns out that the benefits of push-ups for women can be to lose weight.

2. Start to lower the body like a basic wall sit movement.

Then start doing the basic wall sit movement but keep your hands straight on the right and left side of your body. Adjust the position to like sitting on a chair with your feet forming a 90 degree angle. But don't let your hands bend so that no muscle cramps occur.

Now that's a few ways to do wall sit that you can do easily at home.

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