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Ways to Jumping Jacks to Burn Body Fat

Ways to Jumping Jacks to Burn Body Fat
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Jumping jacks is one type of sport that is liked by students to employees. This is because one sport is easy to do either at home or in a public place. Even if you only do it for a while, you can still benefit a lot from this one sport. Even jumping jacks can be said as one type of exercise that is perfect for those of you who don't have much free time but still want to have a healthy body.

For how to do jumping jacks, it can be said to be very easy and very suitable to use together with music. The way to do jumping jacks is:

1. Stand straight like a position ready when the line

The first step to jumping jacks is to stand up like being ready when you're in line in the past. Position the feet tightly then the hands on the side of the body with a straight fall. Use the following good and correct sit ups so you can get the most out of the sit-ups you do.

When starting this upright position, look straight ahead and straighten your chin. But even though you are in a ready position, you don't need to feel tense and try to keep you relaxed so that during the sport you will not get tired easily and not get dizzy from being too serious. These are the benefits of abdominal exercise that you can get if you do it regularly.

2. Open the width of the legs and lift both hands

After the body is in a firm position, the next step is to open your legs wide. But for the beginning, it's good to have the width of the foot in accordance with the width of the shoulder so that your groin will not hurt because it is just the first time doing these jumping jacks. Some of these types of sit ups that you must understand so as not to misguide them.

But if you are sure to do jumping jacks to the fullest, you can open your legs wide or wider than your shoulder size. After positioning your feet correctly, then raise your hands above your head.

3. Warm up first

Before doing a strenuous exercise you must warm up first. This heating aims to avoid the occurrence of muscle cramps during the exercise takes place later. Or you can say that self-heating is very important to do before exercising. Although for a moment it turns out that the benefits of 1 minute plank are very good for your body.

If you miss this warm-up session then not only is your jumping jacks not optimal, but you can also suffer severe muscle injuries such as dislocated limbs to bruised parts of the body.

To warm up before jumping jacks you can do a simple warm up, the most important is hot body. Beware of the side effects of pilates which are not very good for the body.

4. Start doing jumping jacks

After warming up and you already feel heat in your body then you can start to do jumping jacks. As the name implies, jumping jacks are sports with a jumping motion. So the first step in doing this exercise is to jump up from the position of the standing body.

The leap you do does not have to be high but enough to jump just ordinary or about seven centimeters from the ground. When making a leap try your body and your legs don't bend and keep straight so that you stay in the correct jumping jacks rules. These are the benefits of yoga for a diet that is very healthy for your body.

5. Raise your hands while jumping and stretching legs

You must have applauded right? Now, the next way to do jumping jacks is to jump while clapping, but only one time.

And applause is done when these jumping jacks are not done in front of your body but above your head. Although it can be used to lose weight, you still have to be aware of the side effects of yoga.

Make a leap by stretching your legs and patting over your head. Every one time jump means one time pat and one foot widens. Do this repeatedly for ten to fifteen minutes. Some of the following plank hazards you should know and you must be aware of because it can be very dangerous for your body.

6. Make landings correctly

Not only during the process of making jumping jacks that are important but the process of getting off the jump you are doing is also important. Because if your position is wrong when landing, you can get serious injuries such as muscle cramps to one part of your body that is dislocated.

The correct landing when jumping jacks is to close the legs together in an equal position. When you are in the position of landing, your hands are also placed on your side and relax. Apparently this is the benefit of plank for your body's health and also to maintain your ideal body weight.

7. Number of Calories Burned When Using Jumping Jacks

Different sports also differ in the number of calories that will burn in your body. Because the level of difficulty and the amount of energy you will spend is different, the level of calories lost from the body can also be different from one sport to another. These are the benefits of Pilates for women that you should know.

If you decide to use jumping jacks to burn your calories then you should do jumping jacks with at least 100 times each jumping jack. Because with 100 times doing this exercise, the calories in the body can burn quickly. You should know the difference between pilates and yoga.

By doing 100 jumping jacks, the calories in the body that can burn are 2.6 per minute. So you just imagine if every day at least you do jumping jacks for fifteen minutes to half an hour so how many calories will burn. Some of the benefits of Pilates exercise are very beneficial for the body.

But if you can't do a hundred times jumping jacks then you can do this exercise just 10 minutes every day. Although only done briefly but in fact ten minutes of jumping jacks can burn up to approximately 100 calories in the body. Do you want your husband to be more affectionate? Then use the benefits of this kegel pilates.

Now that is some way to do jumping jacks that are right and you can easily duplicate and do it in your own home. Jumping jacks are also perfect for those of you who are on a diet.

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