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Ways to Meet Daily Vitamin D Intake for the Body

Ways to Meet Daily Vitamin D Intake for the Body
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Vitamin D is a vitamin that is very important for bone health. In addition, vitamin D also helps the absorption of calcium by the body, in addition to being a support for boosting immunity.

However, if you are not too often exposed to the sun or have problems absorbing vitamins, you may not get adequate daily vitamin D intake.

How many doses of vitamin D do I need every day?
For ages 1-70 years, the recommended daily dose of vitamin D is around 600 IU (International Units), including for pregnant and lactating women; 800 IU for ages> 71 years. For children aged 0-12 months, the recommended daily intake is 1,000 IU per day [reference].

The following are some ways you can fulfill your body's vitamin D intake:

Sunlight (ultraviolet B) is the most natural way to get vitamin D for the body. Direct sun exposure to the skin can encourage the body to produce vitamin D. 15 - 20 minutes 'sunbathing' in the sun is enough to get the benefits. To avoid the heat that is too hot, it is recommended to bask in the morning, at least before 9 in the morning, or when you feel the heat is not too piercing on the skin.

Fish, especially fatty ones, are good sources of vitamin D. Common choices are salmon, tuna, mackerel, trout, and eel. In addition, you will also get omega-3 fatty acids from these foods, which are good for your heart health.

Can canned fish also provide vitamin D intake? Yes. You can consume canned fish, both tuna and sardines, to get this vitamin. Apart from being durable, this choice is also cheaper than fresh fish.

Milk (enriched)
The various cow's milk products that we meet today are generally fortified with various additional nutrients, including supplemental vitamin D. Yogurt, soy milk, and many cereals fortified with vitamin D.

Because the amount is different, and not all products contain vitamin D, so be sure to check the label of the product you are buying to find out the amount of vitamin D in it.

Egg yolk
A delicious way to get vitamin D is to consume eggs, specifically egg yolks. So, if you are used to setting aside egg yolks when eating, think again now.

One egg yolk provides around 40 IU of vitamin D. However, don't consume too many eggs just to meet your daily intake of vitamin D. An egg contains 200 milligrams of cholesterol, and many experts say not to consume cholesterol more than 300 mg per day, for your heart health.

Vitamin D Supplements
You can get more adequate vitamin D intake and 'measure' by taking supplements. Look carefully at the label of supplements you take, and if you are not sure about the dosage you should consume, consult your doctor or nutritionist. This is because excessive intake of vitamin D (> 4,000 IU) can be harmful to the body.

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