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Do You Often Feel Thirsty at night? Beware of This Disease

Do You Often Feel Thirsty at night? Beware of This Disease
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Thirst naturally arises at any time, including at night or in the middle of the night when we sleep well. It's just that, if we often wake up at night because we feel thirsty and need water intake, it could be a sign of a serious health problem.

The main cause of thirst at night is dehydration. Usually, this is caused by the habit of drinking less all day, especially at night before going to bed. When body fluid levels are very low when we sleep, the body forces us to wake up to get fluid intake. In addition, if we sweat due to the temperature that is quite hot, the body fluids will also come out so much that makes us more susceptible to dehydration. The same condition also occurs if we are having a fever until we sweat.

In addition to dehydration conditions, health experts also advise us to be wary of thirst often at night because it could be caused by diabetes, precisely the type of diabetes mellitus or diabetes insipidus. One symptom of diabetes mellitus is excessive thirst, including at night or in the morning after waking up. This condition is associated with high blood sugar levels or hyperglycemia. Meanwhile, the condition of diabetes insipidus can also cause the same symptoms of thirst. This type of diabetes is caused by the body that is no longer able to regulate body fluids properly, making it easier for us to feel thirsty excessively, especially at night.

Another condition that can also cause thirst at night is xerostomia. This condition is caused by salivary glands in the mouth that are no longer able to produce enough saliva. This makes severe dry mouth problems that make us more thirsty easier. The problem is xerostomia can be related to the problem of premature aging, consumption of certain drugs, to the effects of radiation therapy to treat cancer.

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