Female Normal Breast Size

Female Normal Breast Size
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Breasts are not the only organs used to carry out the lactation process. More than that, the breast has a big role for women. This organ also determines self-confidence because many women consider their breasts to be one of the valuable assets that support beauty.
The fact of a woman's breasts is unique and unexpected

Although large breasts tend to be owned by many women, not everyone understands and knows what are the facts about this organ. Starting from normal size to why the size is often not fixed. Here's a unique fact about women's breasts.

    Normal breast size

As with the size of the penis, women's breasts also have varying sizes. Some are very large and some are small. So which one is normal? The answer is no. We cannot determine normal breast size because sometimes each race has a different average size.

Instead of confusing whether the size of the breast that is normal or not, it's good to prioritize health. If the breasts that are owned are small, but healthy and there is no interference, then it can be said to be normal. However, if the breasts are large, there is a tumor lump or cancer. You could say it's not healthy or abnormal.

    How to measure breast

There are three things to do to measure a woman's breasts and buy a bra properly. First is there measuring the left and right breast. Measurement must pass two breast nipples. After measuring the front, measurements should also be taken to the back, around the chest.

The last measure that must be known is the volume of the breast itself. By knowing the size of the breast as a whole, you can easily get the right bra size. Wearing a bra that is small both in terms of cup or rubber that surrounds the chest area is also very uncomfortable.

    Breasts are preferred by men

Many consider that the size of a large breast is very favored by men. It's true, men like that. However, from the results of a survey conducted on 2000 people, in fact 60 percent said they liked the standard size or normal breast. So, no need to worry if your breast size is small.

Furthermore, from other surveys show that men do not mind the size of their partner's breasts. About 70 percent of men receive whatever size their partner's breasts.

    Determine breast size

The size of the breast that is owned by a woman is determined by several things. The biggest influence on breast size is genes. If parents such as mother or grandmother or anyone in line tend to have large breasts, most likely, chest size also follows.

Another thing that determines breast size is being pregnant and liking. The size will increase significantly. Weight also contributes because the more fat in the body, the size of the breast will also increase.

    Breast size can change

The size of a woman's breasts will change according to the conditions experienced. The first change that is often experienced is change when a woman is aroused. Their breast size will increase because there is blood pumping to all parts of the breast.

In addition to aroused problems, women who enter the fertile period usually also experience an increase in breast size. So even when women will experience menstruation. With this condition women are more advised to use a bra with a slightly loose size. By doing so, you will not receive it when your chest starts to grow.

    The bigger, the more susceptible to cancer?

During this time many women believe that the bigger the size of the breast, the greater the chance of developing breast cancer. This assumption is very wrong. Because there are no studies that state that the larger the chest, the greater the risk of cancer.

What increases a woman's risk of breast cancer is her lifestyle, for example, often smoked and exposed to dangerous chemicals. Furthermore, someone who comes from a family with a history of breast cancer is also more prone to experience it.

    Large breast effects on the body

Big breasts do give a great aesthetic impression to women. However, it can also cause body problems due to weight. Yes, breasts that are too big can also make anyone feel strong enough to resist. That's why many women wear bras that are able to withstand breast weights.

Walking or standing too long with a hanging chest can also make the chest area become painful. The back will also feel pulled muscles so that it triggers a more serious problem. Some women even often have difficulty breathing because the chest feels very full.

    Enlargement and reduction of breast

The number of women who are not satisfied with the size of their breasts will make an effort to enlarge. Well, one way that can be done is to use an implant. Breasts will be entered into a pocket containing liquid silicone so that the chest becomes large. In addition to silicone, saline is also used to enlarge the chest.

Although there are many women who carry out breast augmentation surgery, not a few women want to reduce breast size. The reason is simple, having breasts that are too large can cause problems in the body as described earlier.

From the reviews above it can be seen clearly that the size of each woman's breasts is very distinctive and is influenced by many dimensions. The best way to look after the breasts is to take good care of them and realize the presence or absence of disturbances, such as a lump.

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