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High Uric Acid, Ready to be Affected by This Disease

High Uric Acid, Ready to be Affected by This Disease
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Gout is actually a type of substance derived from purine metabolism. For information, purines are ingredients contained in some food ingredients such as innards, seafood, meat, and some types of vegetables. If we consume foods that are high in purines, it is feared that uric acid levels will increase significantly.

In addition to unhealthy eating patterns and habits of alcoholic beverages, in some cases uric acid levels increase significantly if we also have genetic factors or a family history of gout problems. In addition, for some people who take certain drugs such as ACE inhibitors, the risk of getting increased uric acid levels in the body also increases.

If until this happens, the risk for gout or gout will increase. If until this happens, then the joints of the body will be susceptible to inflammation with symptoms such as swelling, redness, heat, and stiff sensations. One part of the joint that is most susceptible to this symptom is the joint in the big toe. The attack also occurs more often at night so that it can cause sleep disorders.

Very high uric acid levels can even cause an increased risk of kidney stones. This is due to the ability of uric acid levels to be able to damage the kidneys and cause crystal deposition which eventually turns into a painful kidney stone problem.

The most dangerous effects of very high uric acid levels are an increased risk of heart and blood vessel disease. This is caused by the ability of uric acid to trigger inflammation in these two organs significantly.

Seeing this fact, the sufferer of gout is inevitably having to routinely check uric acid levels in his body and change his lifestyle so that he becomes much healthier. They are no longer allowed to consume foods high in purines that have the potential to make uric acid levels in their body continue to increase, reduce high cholesterol food intake in order to prevent disturbances in the heart and blood vessels, diligent exercise, sufficient water needs, and avoid alcohol.

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