How Many Amounts of Calories Are Good for the Diet?

How Many Amounts of Calories Are Good for the Diet?InfoHealthyLife.Com - Diet is done to lose weight. If you want to go on a diet, the first thing you should know is that you will burn calories and fat in your body. Weight loss means a decrease in the number of calories and fat. Therefore, when your diet is required to eat a low-calorie diet and low-protein high-calorie foods.

Before you determine the food menu for your diet, you must know how to calculate food calories for your diet. The number of food calories must be adjusted to the number of calories that are good for the diet. How many calories are good for the diet?

The number of calories needed when dieting is very dependent on activity, gender, age, and various other factors. Here is information about the number of calories that are good for a diet that you should know.

1. Women ages 19-30

For those of you women who are in the age of 19-30 years, when you are on a diet you have to eat a filling low-calorie meal. This is because you only need calories from 1800-2400 calories per day. You still have to make yourself full, but look for foods that are low in calories.

2. Women aged 31-50

Women who are at this age can consume as many as 1800-2200 calories per day. You have to sort of low-calorie and carbohydrate foods that you will consume so that your diet can succeed

3. Women aged 51 years and above

If you are at this age, then the number of calories you need so that you lose weight and you stay healthy is 1600-2200 in one day. If you are not active you only need 1600 calories and if you are very active you need a maximum of 2200 calories.

4. Men aged 19-30

Men need different calories than women. You have to arrange a menu of low-calorie diets a week that allow you to get calories as high as 2400-3000 calories in one day.

5. Men aged 31-50

A good diet for those of you who are at this age is to limit the consumption of calories as much as 2200-3000 calories. If you are not actively moving, you only need 2200-2400 calories. However, if you are very active for a day, then you are recommended to consume 2800-3000 calories in one day.

6. Men aged 51 years and above

For men aged 51 years and over, the number of calories recommended to be consumed in one day is 2000-2800 in one day. The number of calories consumed must be adjusted to the daily activities that you will do.

7. Children

When doing a low-calorie diet for children, you should pay attention to the side effects of a low-calorie diet. In order to prevent excessive side effects from the diet done, make sure you have enough calories by reducing your calorie intake by 500 calories a day.

Knowing the good amount of calories for this diet is very important. This is to avoid the danger of lack of calories when on a diet. So, your desire to diet does not make your body become troubled. The function of calories in your body must continue to run well even if you are on a diet.

For the best results from your diet, you can go to a doctor or nutritionist in managing your daily diet menu.

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