How to Lose Safe Weight in Obese Pregnant Women

How to Lose Safe Weight in Obese Pregnant Women
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Pregnant women tend to experience an increase in body weight, especially fat. This tends to be natural because the body makes its natural adaptation to make the fetus grow well. However, excessive fat during pregnancy is also not good for the health of pregnant women.

If you are obese during pregnancy and still left alone, babies in the womb will be at risk of experiencing problems. Therefore, try to do weight loss in the right way so that your body and baby stay healthy and prepare to welcome the day of delivery.

When you check your obstetrician is categorized as obese, do some of the weight loss tips below.

    Consult first with a doctor

Before deciding on a diet, consult with your obstetrician first. Find out whether the body is obese, normal, or even less weight for the size of a pregnant woman. If you are obese, ask also how much fat content increases.

With this doctor's guidance, you will know how much food should be reduced or maybe replaced. From this guide you can make eating arrangements so that nutrients for yourself and the fetus in the womb are still fulfilled.

    Improve diet

Improve your diet well after knowing the condition or scale of obesity. Stay away from foods that contain lots of saturated fat and coconut milk. Fast food and fried foods are taboo even though consumption in small amounts once a week is not a problem.

Expand fruits and vegetables that can strengthen the fetus in the womb and provide the effect of long satiety. Sometimes women often eat uncontrollably because they are emotionally hungry. Though the body has sufficient calories and the fetus also gets nutrients perfectly.

    Don't reduce the portion of overeating

Diet is a dietary arrangement, not carelessly reducing meals. Moreover, women are pregnant and need balanced nutrition for themselves and the fetus. Avoid eating foods with little calories, but filling. Keep in mind the dose of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Reducing the portion of eating excessively without any basis will harm women and their fetuses. Maybe fat levels will decrease, but the impact is quite large on the body. So, keep control of the food that enters without limiting or reducing it excessively.

    Do regular exercise

Do exercise regularly every day even though you are pregnant. This exercise should not be too intense and the duration is long. Pregnant women can start by walking for 10-15 minutes every day. Avoid sports that give great pressure to the stomach.

Ask your doctor what type of exercise you can do besides walking. Make sure the sport is safe for the fetus and can help reduce excess fat in the body.

    Always measure your weight regularly

Always measure weight and other body parts used to determine fat levels and scale of obesity. Measurement can be done once a week. Also consider the increasing fetal weight so that diet and exercise activities can be tailored to your needs.

From the size noted, you can always set and know the condition of obesity in the body. Although the body remains fat, the risk of pregnancy disorders can be reduced so that labor can run more smoothly.

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