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Is it True That Aspartame Causes Cancer To Harden The Brain?

Is it True That Aspartame Causes Cancer To Harden The Brain?
InfoHealthyLife.Com - The progress of IT (Information Technology) causes information to spread so quickly in seconds. Maybe you also get information via e-mail, SMS, and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), regarding information that aspartame is the cause of an outbreak of hardening of the brain or spinal cord. Some of the reasons raised as a cause are artificial sweeteners called ASPARTAME or aspartame. This information is rumored on behalf of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI).

Asparta in articles distributed on the internet was rumored to be toxic chemicals produced by a chemical company called Monsanto. Aspartame has been distributed throughout the world as a substitute for sugar and can be found in all types of soft drinks for the diet. Like the Coke diet and diet pepsi. Even in the article mentioned for diabetics are expected to be careful if consuming long periods of products containing aspartame will cause coma and even die. Aspartame is also mentioned as a toxic chemical that can change brain chemistry and is really deadly for people who suffer from Parkinson's.

Of course the information above will cause concern and fear for the reader, because the soft foods and drinks mentioned above are often consumed by our families. This moved the writer to find out what information was actually Aspartame? Is it true that aspartame can cause cancer, hardening of the brain and bone marrow, diabetes even causes death? How is the attitude of BPOM Lampung Province related to this issue?

Actually What Is Aspartame?

Aspartame is a low-calorie artificial sweetener, consisting of common amino acids namely aspartic acid and phenylalanine. Aspartame has a sweetness 200 times that of ordinary sugar. This sweetener is commonly used as a sugar substitute for diabetics, and as a sweetener in various packaged foods.

Aspartame has been approved by the FDA as an artificial sweetener that is safe to consume since 1981 ago. Nevertheless various studies are also being carried out to ensure the safety of aspartame. On May 8, 2006, the FDA issued a statement through its official website which confirmed that until now there had been no research supported by accurate data stating that aspartame had dangerous side effects as stated above.

Is Aspartame Cause Cancer?

Aspartame study in Europe

In 2005 the European Ramazzini Foundation (Eurropean Ramazzini Foundation / ERF) published its findings based on long-term aspartame feeding studies in mice. The study from the ERF concluded that the side effects of aspartame cause cancer and suggest that the use and consumption of sweeteners should be reevaluated.

However, after the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reviewed the results of the ERF study. EFSA states that the conclusion of the ERF that aspartame is carcinogenic (cancer-causing) is not supported by data and does not need to review the opinions of ERF researchers who doubt the safety of aspartame, let alone revise Acceptance Dailly Intake.

Aspartame Study in America

A study of aspartame was also carried out in America, to ward off the issue of linking aspartame with cancer. Finally, research was conducted on humans not on mice or animals regarding the dangers of aspartame. His research results were reported on April 4, 2006 at a meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. The results of this study were delivered by Michael Jacobsone, leader of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, where this large study explains that there is no evidence to suggest that soda drinks containing aspartame can increase the risk of cancer. The results of this study improve the notion of the risk of bad use of aspartame.

Allowable Daily Aspartame Intake

Acceptance Dailly intake (ADI) is a conservative level which generally describes the number 100 times smaller than the maximum level that does not show side effects in animal studies. In increasing safety factors in aspartame use, the FDA has provided a recommended limit of administration. The dose used is the amount of sweetener per kilogram of body weight per day that can be consumed safely throughout his life without causing risk.

While BPOM allows aspartame as an artificial sweetener with ADI, as much as 40 mg / kg body weight. In fact, the amount we consume is 10% of ADI. This is due to the high sweetness level of the sweetener, meaning that a small amount has been able to give a high sweetness.

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