Tips for Staying Healthy When Backpacking or Traveling

Tips for Staying Healthy When Backpacking or Traveling
Traveling is indeed a very fun activity, but of course, it's also tiring. Moving from one tourist spot to another in one day without rest will drain our energy. Moreover, the weather conditions for tourist destinations do not match the conditions in the body.

Forcing yourself when your body condition is not fit to travel will add to our suffering. Instead of enjoying the beauty when traveling, we will actually experience body aches such as fever, dizziness and others.

How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

With the many activities we do plus a lot of energy draining, you have to keep your body in good condition to stay healthy and fit.

1. Breakfast

This one thing cannot be underestimated. Breakfast is trivial, but you shouldn't miss it. Breakfast will fill your body's energy which will be used during a day of traveling.
Good breakfast portions ie not too much. Combine carbohydrates, protein and vitamins. You can eat rice or bread mixed with vegetables, fruit or milk.

2. Do not get dehydrated

Dehydration is a condition of the body that experiences a lack of fluids. Conditions that differ between the inside and outside the body can also cause dehydration.
You can always provide enough water to drink when you are thirsty. Do not allow excessive thirst. When you are tiring traveling activities, you really need this water.

3. Immediately eat when hungry

Again, eating is useful for replenishing the body's energy. When you are hungry while traveling, eat right away, either eating lightly or eating heavy. Don't leave your stomach empty without food.

4. Provide Medicine Stock

For those of you who have a special disease and need special medicine, you should bring medicines when traveling. Do not think that the drugs are already at their destination.

5. Get used to wash hands

These trivial things can make you sick if they are not done properly. When traveling, we always meet unknown people. Shaking hands and changing money can be an intermediary for germs from other people to us.
Get in the habit of washing your hands before doing any activity, especially before eating. Use a special liquid to clean your hands from harmful germs.

6. Sufficient Rest

Even though traveling is an exciting activity, don't forget to take a break. This is useful for charging your energy and energy which will be used the next day.
Take your time to rest as much as possible. If you are at a tourist spot, you can take a break or take a breath while filling the energy that has been exhausted during traveling.

7. Stay Active

In times of heavy traveling, you also have to stay active in moving. Don't just sit around. When you are traveling for a long time in the car, use the rest area facilities.
In the rest area, you can stretch your arms and legs as well as your whole body. What we often feel is tingling and numbness. The tingling sensation is actually the result of us being inactive.

8. Know the Surrounding Environment

As explained above, sometimes the conditions where we are going to go are different from our environmental conditions. For example, if you visit a mountain, it must be very cold there.
For that, bring a thick jacket and body warmers. Then prepare things that are anticipatory in case something unexpected happens.

9. Avoid Instant Foods

When traveling, we often find sellers selling instant food such as instant noodles. In fact, as explained above, when traveling, we really need good nutrition for the body.
Instant food is indeed very easy to obtain and make, but for the sake of maintaining health, avoid instant food and choose foods and drinks that contain good nutrition for the body.

10. Provide a box of food

If at a tourist spot, we don't find restaurants or food stalls, so before leaving for traveling, bring a lunch box. Fill the food box with the food that you have prepared at home. Then don't forget to bring fresh and healthy fruits when traveling.

11. Can Bring Snacks

Snacks are useful for preventing hunger. You can bring it when traveling. The thing that must be considered is that the snacks that you bring must be healthy and nutritious food.

12. Stay away from soft drinks

You need to know, that one can of soft drinks contains 40 grams of sugar. Indeed, there is no problem if you drink just one can. But usually during traveling, you will get thirsty quickly and don't get rid of thirst by always drinking soft drinks.

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